Welcome to
the Constitutional Government of the People of

the State of California.


The above Twelve geographical Mini-State Jurisdictional Districts are each Sovereign Self-Governing Communities,
each of which are to elect from their own similar smaller political-subdivisions of this State,
a single leader who will join the eleven others of similar jurisdictional boundaries,
to exercise Concensus-Based Veto-Power over Any and All Un-Justifiable Activities
of the entire Government of this State.
Here-under, each such jurisdictional leader, will function as a "Supreme Juror/Judge" for the entire government of this State.  
In accord with our traditional American Constitutional-Law & "Due Process of Law",
Each Elected Juror/Judge of this Supreme State Court & Jury will be "Oath-Bound" to Refuse to Support the Implementation of Any State Policy with-out First Securing the "Unanimous" Approval from the Elected Leaders of Each of these Twelve Smaller Super-County Political Sub-Districts, all as shown above. ...
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