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[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc18-Snip1-TrueCommonLaw-USA-Application2.mp42023-02-01 22:42 18M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc18-Snip2-12SuperStates-OrganizingNationally.mp42023-02-01 22:42 20M 
[   ]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc18-Snip3-Constables-GainingRecognitionFor2023-02-01 22:42 11M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc18-Snip4 QualifiedElectors--26-OathOfOfficeForms.mp42023-02-01 22:42 11M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc18-Snip5 Economic-Warfare- JudiciaryControlsEconomics.mp42023-02-01 22:42 12M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc18-Snip6 Grass-Roots Accountability to Constituent Assemblies- Immediate Recall.mp42023-02-01 22:42 2.3M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc18-Snip7 Corona-Virus- Medical Martial-Law- Criminal-Counter-Complaint.mp42023-02-01 22:42 29M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc18-Snip7 CoronaVirus-MedicalMartialLaw-CriminalCounterComplaint.mp42023-02-01 22:42 38M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc19 Snip1- Grass-Roots Accountability to Constituent Assemblies- Votes of Confidence.mp42023-02-01 22:42 7.5M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc19 Snip2- Building Self-Governing Communities-- Document Review-- Emergency War Powers.mp42023-02-01 22:42 23M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc19 Snip3 Corrupted Emergency Declarations Countered by Peoples Emergency Declarations.mp42023-02-01 22:42 16M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc19 Snip4- Militia- Posse-Comitatus- Organizing- Very Little to Fear.mp42023-02-01 22:42 13M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc19 Snip5- Organizing Militias- Bar Attorneys & Police Weaponized Against the People.mp42023-02-01 22:42 16M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc19 Snip6 County DeFacto Officers have Duties to Provide Common-Law Courts & Justice.mp42023-02-01 22:42 13M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc19 Snip7 Israelite Torah Law- as the Foundation for True Common Law.mp42023-02-01 22:42 13M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc19 Snip8 Qualified Electors- Hierarchy Organizing- Insulating From Dummies.mp42023-02-01 22:42 28M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc19 Snip9 Organizing -26 Certifying Constables as Peace Officers- Romans 13.mp42023-02-01 22:42 8.9M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc19 Snip10 Importance of Certifying Others as Qualified Electors & Peace Officers.mp42023-02-01 22:42 6.1M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc19 Snip11 Tithing Groups- Voluntary & Non-Coercive Economic Support for Government.mp42023-02-01 22:42 8.0M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc20-Snip1 History & Metaphysics of Twelve Member Governing Bodies- Twelve Super-States.mp42023-02-01 22:42 29M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc20-Snip2 Organizing Local Self-Governing Communities- Using Documents Strategically.mp42023-02-01 22:42 22M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc20-Snip3 Procedures for Becoming Recognizable as Qualified Electors & Peace Officers.mp42023-02-01 22:42 25M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc20-Snip4 Individuals Qualified-Elector Status- Affirming- or Challenging Subversives.mp42023-02-01 22:42 17M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc20-Snip5 Mortgage Foreclosures, Evictions, Liens, & Rights of Possession.mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.6M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc20-Snip6 Fraudulent-Emergency & Treason-Conspiracy Criminal Complaint.mp42023-02-01 22:42 16M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc20-Snip7 Fraudulent Emergency Declarations Destroying Constitution-Guaranteed Rights.mp42023-02-01 22:42 36M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc20-Snip9 Alternative Banking & Economic Systems, Under Common-Law Principles.mp42023-02-01 22:42 23M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc20-Snip10 Organic Community Accountability- 247- Qualified-Elector Status.mp42023-02-01 22:42 3.2M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc20-Snip11 De-Fund The Police, Finance Local Peace-Officers.mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.7M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc20-Snip12 Bi-Cameral Government is Bi-Polar Articles of Confederation, Weitangemote.mp42023-02-01 22:42 11M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc21-Snip1 Natural Law- Blackstone- God & Prayer.mp42023-02-01 22:42 11M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc21-Snip2 Treason Constructive Notice Document Throwing Down the Gauntlett.mp42023-02-01 22:42 14M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc21-Snip3 Treason Constructive Notice Document Throwing Down the Gauntlet.mp42023-02-01 22:42 21M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc21-Snip4 Treason Constructive Notice Document Throwing Down the Gauntlet.mp42023-02-01 22:42 8.1M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc21-Snip5 Articles of Confederation, Returning To, In Light of AngloSaxon Witenagemote.mp42023-02-01 22:42 2.7M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc21-Snip6 Black People & Anglo-Saxon History.mp42023-02-01 22:42 15M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc21-Snip7 Black People -26 Anglo-Saxon History.mp42023-02-01 22:42 12M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc21-Snip8 Declaration of Independence as Remedy- -26 Moral Absolutes -26 the Bible.mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.2M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc25-Snip1 Vote Of Confidence in Chief Judicial Officer Stewart.mp42023-02-01 22:42 10M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc25-Snip2 Complants of Election Fraud- Before Federal Grand Jury- -26 Public.mp42023-02-01 22:42 13M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc25-Snip3 ElectionFraud-Accusations-P2-ChrisCave-Says-Its-Treason .mp42023-02-01 22:42 8.8M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc25-Snip4 Ominous Military Movements Reports- Abe- Chris- Mike -26 Cynthia.mp42023-02-01 22:42 8.1M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc25-Snip5 Local Precinct-Level Courts Have “Original -26 Exclusive Jurisdiction.mp42023-02-01 22:42 15M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc25-Snip6 Precinct Judges Delegating Authority to Conduct “Judicial Investigations”.mp42023-02-01 22:42 4.0M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc25-Snip7 Abe Gives Example of Samoan Compeling Compliance to Lawful Authority.mp42023-02-01 22:42 18M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc25-Snip8 Chris -26 Charles “Separation of Powers”- -26 Serious Local Empowerment.mp42023-02-01 22:42 22M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc25-Snip9 Alternative Economic Empowerment- Money To Grass-Roots Constituents.mp42023-02-01 22:42 7.1M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc25-Snip10 Chris- David- -26 Charles US Supreme DeFacto Court Saturated with Corruption.mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.8M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc25-Snip11 Mat Proposes County Recorder Strategy- DeFacto Corruption is Pandemic.mp42023-02-01 22:42 3.8M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc25-Snip12 Responsible Use of Citizens-Arrest -26 Peace-Officers-Arrest.mp42023-02-01 22:42 11M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc25-Snip13 Abe Thresholds Activism -26 Empowerment. Cindy Strategy. Building Loyalty.mp42023-02-01 22:42 14M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc25-Snip14 All Public-Servants are in Positions of “Public-Trust”.mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.7M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc26-Snip1 Stand on Moral Principles- or Inflammatory Obstructions of Consensus.mp42023-02-01 22:42 10M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc26-Snip2 Focusing on Fundamental Diffrences Between Democrat & Republican Partys.mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.8M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc26-Snip3 Re-Visiting Inflammatory or Moral Issues, Divisiveness; & the Altered Economy .mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.6M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc26-Snip4 Allowing Argument is frequently Necessary in Building Community Consensus.mp42023-02-01 22:42 2.9M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc26-Snip5 “Enforcement”, “Peace Officers”, “Posse Comitatus”, & Torah book of Numbers.mp42023-02-01 22:42 21M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc26-Snip6 Discussion- Pitch By Their Standards- Book of Numbers. Natural Segregation.mp42023-02-01 22:42 8.1M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc26-Snip7 Stand on Moral Principles- or Inflammatory Obstructions of Consensus- 2.mp42023-02-01 22:42 6.3M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc26-Snip8 Concluding Presenting “Enforcement” -26 “Bible-Law” Issues- -26 Economics.mp42023-02-01 22:42 11M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc26-Snip9 “Who Determines Who’s Heart is Pure” More On Consensus-Building.mp42023-02-01 22:42 8.0M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc26-Snip10 Enforcement -26 Peace-Officers- Concluding- -26 Moderating Responsibly.mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.7M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc26-Snip11 Elector Qualifications of Biden -26 Trump. Insurance Corporations are Evil.mp42023-02-01 22:42 8.6M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc26-Snip12 Abe Advocates Quicker Organizing & Community Building.mp42023-02-01 22:42 17M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc26-Snip13 Alternative Economic Systems- Local Community Currencies- Utility Bills.mp42023-02-01 22:42 2.6M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc26-Snip14 Symbiotic Relationships -26 Community Empowerment.mp42023-02-01 22:42 11M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc26-Snip15 We Solve Recruitment Issue if we Discharg Debts for Worthy Common People.mp42023-02-01 22:42 2.0M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc26-Snip16 Great Economics Discussion- Lewis -26 Niki.mp42023-02-01 22:42 8.3M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc26-Snip17 More Economics Discussion with Niki- Lewis- -26 Abe.mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.0M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc26-Snip18 Common-Law Community Organizing Compared with NFL Football Organizing.mp42023-02-01 22:42 8.5M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc26-Snip19 Minimal-Standards for Speaking in Assemblys- -26 More NFL Analogy.mp42023-02-01 22:42 6.8M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc26-Snip20 Abraham- Niki- -26 Charles Discuss Organizing Srategy- -26 Conflict Resolution.mp42023-02-01 22:42 7.7M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc27-Snip01 Introduction -26 Opening Prayer.mp42023-02-01 22:42 4.8M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc27-Snip02 Michael -26 Paul Introduce Concerns about Voting Fraud Crimes Concerns.mp42023-02-01 22:42 21M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc27-Snip03 David Schied Prompts Paul to Discuss Obstruction of Access to Grand Jurys.mp42023-02-01 22:42 24M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc27-Snip04 Michael explains Strategy for Nominating -26 Empowering Local County Activists.mp42023-02-01 22:42 7.0M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc27-Snip05 Lewis Supports Empowering County-Activists -26 Georgia Grand Jury Petition.mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.2M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc27-Snip06.2 Judicial Obstruction- Lewis Evidence Exists Vote-Fraud- Social Injustice.mp42023-02-01 22:42 12M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc27-Snip06 Judicial Obstruction- Lewis Evidence Exists Vote-Fraud- Social Injustice.mp42023-02-01 22:42 8.6M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc27-Snip07.2 Lewis Continues his Critique of Systemic Oppressive American History.mp42023-02-01 22:42 14M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc27-Snip07 Lewis Agrees Evidence Exists Vote-Counting Fraud- -26 Social Injustice.mp42023-02-01 22:42 4.7M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc27-Snip08 Chrlz builds on Local County Activists Empowerment Idea- personally.mp42023-02-01 22:42 7.0M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc27-Snip09 ‘Jehovah of Armies’- Local Bible Military Organizing- -26 Posse-Comitatus.mp42023-02-01 22:42 20M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc27-Snip10 CynthiaZ -26 Lewis Blind-Justice -26 Racism. Energized- Diplomatic- -26 Graceful.mp42023-02-01 22:42 9.3M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc27-Snip11 Judicial Target Issue “Probable Cause to Believe Crime Happened”. Cz.mp42023-02-01 22:42 6.1M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc27-Snip13 Economics Source of Social-Credit the Grass-Roots Qualified-Electors.mp42023-02-01 22:42 6.7M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc27-Snip14 Economics Converting Municipal Police-Officers to Organic Peace-Officers.mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.8M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc27-Snip15 ‘Jehovah of Armies’- Christians- Local Military Organizing- Posse-Comitatus.mp42023-02-01 22:42 1.1M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc27-Snip16 Evidence Requested- in Support of Vote Counting Fraud Claims.mp42023-02-01 22:42 4.5M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc27-Snip17 More on Vote Counting Fraud Claims -26 Evidence. Conclusion.mp42023-02-01 22:42 16M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc28-Snip01 Introduction -26 Opening Prayer.mp42023-02-01 22:42 4.0M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc28-Snip02 Taking the Bull by the Horns- We Have the Right to Do This.mp42023-02-01 22:42 2.3M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc28-Snip03 Paul Nalley Grand Juries -26 Voter Fraud Michael- Lewis- -26 Charles.mp42023-02-01 22:42 18M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc28-Snip04 Paul -26 Charles- Invoking SCLaw Jurisdiction thru Sworn Criminal-Complaints.mp42023-02-01 22:42 6.7M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc28-Snip05 Lewis -26 Charles Invoking SCourt-Law Jurisdiction Over DeFacto Courts.mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.1M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc28-Snip06 Cliff Questions SCL Jury’s Authority to OverTurn Electoral College.mp42023-02-01 22:42 9.2M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc28-Snip07 Charles Explains Grassroots Empowerment thru Quo-Warranto Complaints.mp42023-02-01 22:42 3.8M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc28-Snip08 CommonLaw Juries have the Right to OverTurn Electoral-College.mp42023-02-01 22:42 3.3M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc28-Snip09 Michael Objects to Direct Action by Our Court- Charles -26 Paul Respond.mp42023-02-01 22:42 12M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc28-Snip10 Lewis Advocates “Double-Barreled Approach’- CL -26 DeFacto Courts Both.mp42023-02-01 22:42 2.6M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc28-Snip11 Chris Explains His Fed-Court-Complaints Conspiracy to Murder Him.mp42023-02-01 22:42 7.4M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc28-Snip12 Michael Explains Vote-Fraud- 9-11- -26 Courts Corruption- Lewis -26 Cz Reply.mp42023-02-01 22:42 10M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc28-Snip13 Chris Resignations of Prosecuting Attorneys- Others- CynthiaZ Trust God.mp42023-02-01 22:42 11M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc28-Snip14 Closing-Comments -26 Adjournment of Court Business Meeting.mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.7M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc28-Snip15 Cz Introduces “Rights To Control Force”- in AngloAmerican CLaw-Tradition.mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.6M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc28-Snip16 MichaelZ Frustrations Mob is now In Control of Free-Market Capitalism.mp42023-02-01 22:42 1.9M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc28-Snip17 MichaelZ Paul- Cz- CindyZ- Energized -26 Healthy Discussion.mp42023-02-01 22:42 9.8M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc28-Snip18 MichaelZ Paul- Cz- CindyZ- Energized -26 Healthy Discussion.mp42023-02-01 22:42 8.9M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc30-Snip01 Openibng Comments & Opening Prayer.mp42023-02-01 22:42 8.9M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc30-Snip02 Opening Agenda Read- Conference Hosting.mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.0M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc30-Snip03 Susan from Arizona Explains Vote Counting Fraud Accusations.mp42023-02-01 22:42 19M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc30-Snip04 Building Trust- Local R-s Organizing- Moving to Action & Remedy.mp42023-02-01 22:42 14M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc30-Snip05 Matt & Mike Censorship- Vote Fraud Accusations in Michigan.mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.0M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc30-Snip06 John Brake- USA Elections Auditor- Vote Counting Fraud Is Rampant- Pt-1.mp42023-02-01 22:42 54M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc30-Snip07 John Brake- USA Elections Auditor- Vote Counting Fraud Is Rampant- Pt-2.mp42023-02-01 22:42 32M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc30-Snip08 John Brake- Auditor- USA Elections Fraud Is Rampant- Pt-4.mp42023-02-01 22:42 18M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc30-Snip09 Charles & Mihael- LongTerm Strategy- Balancing Cuurage & Caution.mp42023-02-01 22:42 8.9M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc30-Snip10 Cz & Mike- Montana Freemen- Commercial Vs Common-Law Strategy- Enforcement.mp42023-02-01 22:42 13M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc30-Snip11 Matt & Michael Accuse Lewis of Starting Conflicts & Lacking Integrity.mp42023-02-01 22:42 3.8M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc30-Snip12 Michael & Cynthia Vs Charles Lewis Support for Honorable Government.mp42023-02-01 22:42 12M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc30-Snip13 Charles Defends Lewis Against Accusations Lewis Lacks Good Intentions.mp42023-02-01 22:42 6.9M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip01 Introductory Comments & Opening Prayer.mp42023-02-01 22:42 8.4M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip02 AI2 Reasoning For Splitting Court Conferences For Left or Right Ideologies.mp42023-02-01 22:42 8.8M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip03 Discusion of Split Groups, Peace, Strategy, Chris, Vincent, & Charles.mp42023-02-01 22:42 10M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip04 Lewis Presents his Arguments Against Racism, & Supporting Split Conferences.mp42023-02-01 22:42 6.2M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip05 Vincent Unity is Needed, Lewis Corruption Means Unity Must Wait.mp42023-02-01 22:42 7.3M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip06 Vincent & Chris Discuss Strategy & Goals.mp42023-02-01 22:42 6.3M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip07 Lewis Asks Paul for Paul-s Opinion About Defamation or Slander.mp42023-02-01 22:42 3.9M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip08 Cliff & Paul Discuss Sensitivities To Other Views- Building Community Trust.mp42023-02-01 22:42 2.9M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip09 Cz Distinguishing Truth Subjective Or Objective- Justice Is Objectiive.mp42023-02-01 22:42 14M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip10 Gloria Objects to Cz Being Insensitive, Cz Responds Cause of Justice.mp42023-02-01 22:42 9.0M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip11 Lewis Responds to Cz Views on Justice- Notes Problem With Modern Obstructon.mp42023-02-01 22:42 4.6M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip12 Emma Hammond Shares Constructive Criticism- Promotes Sensitivity To Blacks.mp42023-02-01 22:42 2.4M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip13 Gary Bergman Introduces Himself, Focuses on Larger Conspiracy & Republic Issues.mp42023-02-01 22:42 8.0M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip14 Emma Hammond Shares Constructive Criticism- Promotes Sensitivity To Blacks.mp42023-02-01 22:42 2.4M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip15 Charles Shares More Personal History- School- Ancestory- Lewis Agreed .mp42023-02-01 22:42 7.3M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip16 Gary & Lewis Discuss Past Patriotic Organizing Efforts.mp42023-02-01 22:42 3.5M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip17 We Are All Slaves Equally Under the Oppressors- Michael Proposes.mp42023-02-01 22:42 1.2M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip18 Lewis Argues that Black People Suffer Worse in Many Important Areas .mp42023-02-01 22:42 1.4M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip19 Class Warfare &or Racial Warfare- Vincent & Charles share these views.mp42023-02-01 22:42 8.4M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip20 Paul Lewis & Vince Sovereigns as Shareholders in Corporate Government.mp42023-02-01 22:42 8.3M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip21 Conclusion of Business Meeting- This Discussion Was Needed- Cz & Lewis.mp42023-02-01 22:42 7.6M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip22 Private Membership Associations- Gary Advocates as Optimal Strategy.mp42023-02-01 22:42 1.6M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip23 Corporate Churches- Grassroots Organizing- Gary & Mike discussion.mp42023-02-01 22:42 6.1M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip24 Posse Comitatus, Militia, Civil War, Using Words Strategically, Gary & Cz.mp42023-02-01 22:42 14M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip25 Posse Comitatus, Organizing in 3000 Countys, Pushing Back on DeFacto Feds.mp42023-02-01 22:42 20M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip26 Cnvrtng Cnty Sheriff Offices from Municipal to Common-Law Jurisdiction- Cz.mp42023-02-01 22:42 21M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip27 Converting Countys From Municipal to Common-Law jurisdiction- Strategy- Cz.mp42023-02-01 22:42 14M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip28 Private Members Associations- Organizing- Gary Explains- Group Discussion.mp42023-02-01 22:42 19M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip29 Peace-Officers Vs Police-Officers- PMA-s- Good Open Discussion.mp42023-02-01 22:42 35M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc31-Snip30 North American Confederation of Common-Law States, Gary Proposes.mp42023-02-01 22:42 6.6M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc32-Snip01 Paul Nally Describes Grand-Jury Strategy- Chris Cave Responds.-.mp42023-02-01 22:42 22M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc32-Snip02 Chris Nevada Corruption Experience- Paul Fed Grand Jury Strategy.mp42023-02-01 22:42 15M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc32-Snip03 Chris Police Experience & Nevada Insight- Paul Fed Grand Jury Summary.mp42023-02-01 22:42 11M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc32-Snip04 Chris Trumps AG Bill Barr Sabotaged Trump & Obstructed Justice To Help Biden.mp42023-02-01 22:42 8.8M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc32-Snip05 Cz People Have Rights To Get Arrest Warrants Thru Common-Law Courts.mp42023-02-01 22:42 6.8M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc32-Snip06 Epedimic Court Corruption, Best To Prosecute Your Own criminal Complaint.mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.6M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc32-Snip07 Mike Maricopa County Az Election Fraud Cmplint, Cz, Precincts Provide Remedy.mp42023-02-01 22:42 11M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc32-Snip08 Corrupted Public Servants Are Criminally Liable For Criminal Actions.mp42023-02-01 22:42 17M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc32-Snip09 Theory Strategy Possible Arrest of Corrupted Criminal County Supervisors.mp42023-02-01 22:42 20M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc32-Snip10 Paul Describes Excellent Strategy For Confronting Cops During Citizens Arrest.mp42023-02-01 22:42 6.2M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc32-Snip11 Invoking County Court Jurisdiction To Arrest Corrupted County Commissioners.mp42023-02-01 22:42 12M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc32-Snip12 Informing Security of Invoking Process To Arrest Corrupted Commissioners.mp42023-02-01 22:42 16M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc32-Snip13 Serving Sheriff With Documents Before Moving To Arrest Corrupted Comisoners.mp42023-02-01 22:42 11M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc32-Snip14 Invoking Precincts Judicial Power To Comand Obedience Of Executive Officers.mp42023-02-01 22:42 18M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc32-Snip15 Paul Ask Az Senate to Seek Grand-Jury Indictment Of Maricopa Comissioners.mp42023-02-01 22:42 23M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc32-Snip16 Cz Common-Law Strategy For Forming Grand Juries From Concerned Citizens.mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.2M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc32-Snip17 Assuming the Judicial Power & Prosecuting Criminals Under Common-Law Court.mp42023-02-01 22:42 12M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc32-Snip18 Paul, Form Our Own Common-Law Court of Inquiry in the Arizona Case.mp42023-02-01 22:42 23M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc33-Snip01 Introduction & Opening Prayer.mp42023-02-01 22:42 12M 
[   ]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc33-Snip02 Cz, Explaining Splitting Conferences, Right & Left Wings; Scheduling & Hosting2023-02-01 22:42 6.6M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc33-Snip03 Lewis Introduces Dread Scott Case- Recording Played- War Against Blacks- P1.mp42023-02-01 22:42 10M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc33-Snip04 Lewis Concludes Dread Scott Case Supports War Against Blacks- P2.mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.0M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc33-Snip05 Lewis & Cz Dread Scott Case- SupremeCourtOfLaw Response- Jury Verdict- P3.mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.1M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc33-Snip06 Lewis & Andre Gov Devistating Neighborhoods- Organizing Couragous Few.mp42023-02-01 22:42 3.3M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc33-Snip07 Lewis Explains Well Common-LawExodus-18 Model of Local Self-Governing.mp42023-02-01 22:42 1.3M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc33-Snip08 Matt Critiques Increasing Militarization & Brutality of Police & Government.mp42023-02-01 22:42 2.5M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc33-Snip09 Lewis Agrees w Matt Militarization of Police is Evil- Worse For Blacks.mp42023-02-01 22:42 3.4M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc33-Snip10 Charles Summarizes Lewis Complaint Re Dread Scott Case- Lewis Responds.mp42023-02-01 22:42 4.3M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc33-Snip11 Michael Summarizes Efforts to Empower Grand Jurys & Vote Fraud Investigation.mp42023-02-01 22:42 9.6M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc33-Snip12 Paul Nally Progress Georgia Grand Jurys & Vote Fraud Investigations.mp42023-02-01 22:42 3.2M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc33-Snip13 Cz Explains Advantages & Strategy Nominating Local Community CL-Officers.mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.0M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc33-Snip14 Cz FEMA Community Emergency Response Teams To Empower Local CL-Towns.mp42023-02-01 22:42 14M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc33-Snip15 Andre & Lewis Organizing Numbers to Resist Jack-Boot Nazis.mp42023-02-01 22:42 8.9M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc33-Snip16 Cz Organizing Deputy-POs Grassroots & From Top Thru SuperStates.mp42023-02-01 22:42 12M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc33-Snip17 Cz Electorial-College Justice & Reform Thru Common-Law Judicial-Power.mp42023-02-01 22:42 20M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc33-Snip18 Matt Justice Strategy Organize Portests At Homes of Criminal PublcSrvntss.mp42023-02-01 22:42 4.9M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc33-Snip19 NancyR Seeking Economic Justice Against Corrupted Public-Servants.mp42023-02-01 22:42 9.5M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc33-Snip20 Cz Posse-Comitatus- Self-Governing & Community Emergency Response Teams.mp42023-02-01 22:42 6.4M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc33-Snip21 Gary Bergman of the Nevada Republic & Organic Constitutional Flags.mp42023-02-01 22:42 7.9M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc33-Snip22 Gary & Niki Nevada Is Not a Constitutional State Unique Fed Mandates.mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.2M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc33-Snip23 Gary & Andy Splittiong Nevada State Common-Law Mandated In Nevada.mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.0M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc34-Snip01 Grand Jurys Strategy- Indicting Corrupted Fed Prosecutors- Paul & Charles.mp42023-02-01 22:42 19M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc34-Snip02 Paul Suggests Grand-Jurys Find Vote-Fraud & Reinstate Trump- Charles Rplys.mp42023-02-01 22:42 19M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc34-Snip03 John Root Proposes Grand-Jury Direct Case to Trial-Jury- Paul Time-Probs.mp42023-02-01 22:42 11M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc34-Snip04 Brad Herrick Union Group Organizing- Military Seeking Patriots Orders.mp42023-02-01 22:42 27M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc34-Snip05 CzWhy Trial-Jurys are Superior to Grand-Jurys in Getting Justice to People.mp42023-02-01 22:42 7.2M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc34-Snip06 Matt Says Trial By Judge Better Than Trial By Jury..mp42023-02-01 22:42 3.5M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc34-Snip07 Cz Organizing Venu Cherry-Picked Trial-Jurys Are the Only Solid Solution.mp42023-02-01 22:42 13M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc34-Snip08 John Grand-Jury is Not as Powerful as Trial-Jury- More Powerful Activism.mp42023-02-01 22:42 9.2M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc34-Snip09 Mike We Lack Enforcement -26 Time Is Pressing- Cz Trial-Jury Verdicts Better.mp42023-02-01 22:42 4.3M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc34-Snip10 Paul Objects- Grand-Jurys Have Subopena Powers- Cz Trial-Jurys Have Same.mp42023-02-01 22:42 41M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc34-Snip11 Cz Norman Conquerst History- Exercising Our Original -26 Exclusive Jurisdctns.mp42023-02-01 22:42 4.9M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc34-Snip12 Mike -26 Paul Crowd-Sourcing Grnd-Jrys- Tradition- Cz Countys Have ComonLaw.mp42023-02-01 22:42 33M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc34-Snip13 Chris Cave Bar-Assn Is Criminal- Need Fix Now- Paul Take Grip on 2-Amdt.mp42023-02-01 22:42 14M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc34-Snip14 Chris -26 Paul Officials To Corrupt For Grnd-Jrys- US-Attny Obstructing Justc.mp42023-02-01 22:42 17M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc34-Snip15 Chris -26 Paul US-Attnys Coercing State Attnys -26 are Guilty of Treason.mp42023-02-01 22:42 1.7M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc34-Snip17 Cz -26 Mike Debate Grand-Jury Enforcmt- Inferior to Trial-Jury Enforcmt.mp42023-02-01 22:42 8.0M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc34-Snip18 Charles -26 Michael Debate Confronting Corrupted Defactos Directly.mp42023-02-01 22:42 11M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc34-Snip19 Cz All we need is One Man Capable of Speaking Law To Defactos.mp42023-02-01 22:42 1.3M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc34-Snip20 Chris Defactos Are Dangerous- Cz We Can Navigate Past The Danger.mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.7M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip01 Paul Nalley Up-Dates on Georga Grand Jury Strategy.mp42023-02-01 22:42 4.8M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip02 Lewis Introduces Complaint of Institutionalized Racism -26 Dread Scott Case.mp42023-02-01 22:42 13M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip03 Lewis Concludes Complaint of Institutionalized Racism -26 Dread Scott Case.mp42023-02-01 22:42 13M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip04 Concluding Comments- Racism -26 the Dread Scott Case- Lewis -26 Others.mp42023-02-01 22:42 6.8M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip05 Paul Nally Institutionalized Police Brutality- Hiring Narcisists Policys.mp42023-02-01 22:42 4.9M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip06 Charles Secret Military Tribunals -26 Executions- -26 Advocates of- Are Evil.mp42023-02-01 22:42 16M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip07 Brad Explains Purpose of his Union Conference -26 Chipper-s History.mp42023-02-01 22:42 6.2M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip08 Chipper-s Invitation -26 Opening Explanation of Secret Military Executions.mp42023-02-01 22:42 7.3M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip09 Chipper Trys Explaining Larger-Context for Secret Military Executions.mp42023-02-01 22:42 16M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip10 Chipper Claims he is Not Lying about Secret Military Tribunals -26 Executions.mp42023-02-01 22:42 8.6M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip11 Chipper -26 Brad Conclude Discussion Concerning Secret Military Executions.mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.1M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip12 Matt -26 Lewis Evasive Tactics -26 People- Business Meeting Concludes.mp42023-02-01 22:42 8.6M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip13 Reviewing Comments Concerning the Value of Chipper-s Words for Patriots.mp42023-02-01 22:42 10M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip14 Cointelpro Subversives -26 Trauma-Based Mind-Control- Michael- Matt- -26 Charles.mp42023-02-01 22:42 25M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip15 Brad Mea-Culpa Apology for Chipper-s Behavior- Mental Problems Discussed.mp42023-02-01 22:42 7.8M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip16 Habeas-Corpus for LotusJ- Money to Bar-Attorneys Is Feading the Beast. Paul.mp42023-02-01 22:42 16M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip17 Charles Seeking Volunters Deputy Peace-Officers -26 Judicial -Investigatns.mp42023-02-01 22:42 24M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip18 Charles -26 Paul Debate Superiority of Statutes Or Common-Law.mp42023-02-01 22:42 26M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip19 Paul is Cool -26 Calm -26 Says Good-Night.mp42023-02-01 22:42 5.2M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip20 Mental-Retards Should Have Minimal-Brains to Comprehend They Are Not Gurus.mp42023-02-01 22:42 11M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip21 County Commissioners Accountability Strategy- Fundamentals- Matt -26 Charles.mp42023-02-01 22:42 15M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip22 County Cmsnrs Accountability Strategy 2- Fundamentals- Matt -26 Charles.mp42023-02-01 22:42 15M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip23 Fundamental-Issues -26 Jury-Verdicts- Critical to Save USA- Matt -26 Charles.mp42023-02-01 22:42 7.5M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip24 LEwings Robotic Statutory-Codes Vs Common-Law Principles- Matt -26 Charles.mp42023-02-01 22:42 8.2M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip25 Follow The Agenda- Do Not Disrupt The Agenda- Matt -26 Charles.mp42023-02-01 22:42 2.0M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip26 Prioritizing Issues Over Partys- Green-Party Banking-Committee- Matt -26 Cz.mp42023-02-01 22:42 2.9M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip27 Statutes Vs Codes- Applying Common-Law Principles Consistently- Matt -26 Cz.mp42023-02-01 22:42 2.3M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip28 Some Homeless People Deserve It- Standing Up To Opportunists- Matt -26 Cz.mp42023-02-01 22:42 4.7M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip29 Equal Consideration for Death-Penalty Leaders in Both Partys- Matt -26 Cz.mp42023-02-01 22:42 2.6M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip30 Organizing Agenda Items Reasonably- Matt -26 Charles.mp42023-02-01 22:42 9.3M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip31 Inconsistent Applying of Police-Power -26 the MunicipalCivil-War- Matt -26 Cz.mp42023-02-01 22:42 6.7M 
[VID]SCLUSA-Cnfrnc35-Snip32 Alternative Economics- People Finding Comfortable -26 Useful Jobs- Matt -26 Cz.mp42023-02-01 22:42 2.9M 
[   ]SCLUSA-Conference18-NotesForShorterClips.pdf2023-02-01 22:42 43K 
[   ]SCLUSA-Conference19-NotesForShorterClips.pdf2023-02-01 22:42 30K 

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