USA #111: Constitutional Government & Jural-Society Organizing & Empowerment.

All honorable people are here-by invited to join in
our growing Community of reputable Law & Justice Scholars & Activists

This Conference's Scheduled Time & Date is: Today, Friday, 08-September-2017.
Time: 7:00-pm Eastern-Time, 4-pm Pacific-Time.

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Call in by Dialing: 1-724-444-7444.
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Agenda Items:

1: We need to further discuss the Case of "Samuel Girod", & the rough-draft "Jury Verdict" which we are Seeking Signatures for;
as web-linked & more fully described further below, here-in.

2: Our Court Needs People who are willing to Compose their own Lists of Other People whom they are willing to Certify as
"Qualified Electors" with-in our USA-National Organic Body-Politic; likely much shorter but similar to
the one composed by this presiding judicial-officer, & which they can Edit & use as a "Template", here:

3: The "Colorado Eight" are presently Incarcerated in Federal Prison; Un-Justly & Un-Lawfully;
& the survivors of their group are attempting to Lawfully Assemble a Jury to Re-Adjudicate
the Despotic Abuse of Judicial-Power which routinely occurs in those romanized municipal/civil Courts;
how-ever, their most recent proceeding in their Wednesday Conference was mired in technical municipal/civil formalities
all of which have no meaningful relationship to the sacred "Cause of Justice";
& this here-in presiding judicial-officer wishes to glean counsel from the wise people in attendance in Our Court
concerning how we might be able to respectfully Assist Their Group in More Efficiently Securing "Justice" in their cause. 


Many subjects discussed in our recent phone-conferences will be re-visited in this evening's conference, as "Un-Finished Business".
  Audio-File Recordings & partial Transcripts of our recent conferences are available through web-links, here:

Our Conference/Forum/Court's Attendees seem to have developed the "Consensus", that
our American People Must "Organize" to do Rightous & Lawful Battle against
those Powerful International & Spiritual "Criminals" who routinely, habitually, & secretively Conspire
to commit Acts of Murder & Terrorism against our Common American People.
Any-one; please, "Correct Us" if we might "Error" in Our Collective "Judgement", on this important issue.

Our nicely maturing "Jural-Society" Community

will again focus our discussions on engineering "Lawful Remedy" for those above-described Evils.
The "Rules of the Common-Law", aka: "Due Process of Law", will again be focused on here,
as these profound phrases were "originally intended" with-in the Fifth, Sixth, & Seventh Amendments.
Here-under, we will also generally & loosely follow "Roberts Rules of Order"; which includes prioritizing "Old Business".

Here-under; probably the Main Focal-Point of Our Conference/Forum/Court,
is to facilitate the "Meaningful Em-Powerment" of our Common American People;
& this all by way of Lawfully Organizing each of us as Certified "Qualified-Electors" & "Jural-Society Members";
all of which will further Em-Power us as we there-after Certify the Election of Our Own Executive "Peace Officers", & "Judicial Officers";
& there-under to 3: Issue Many "Jury-Trial Verdicts", recognizable under the "Seventh Amendment";
& further there-under, to 4: Breathe Life In-to: our County level "Posse-Comitatus".

Here-under; our Conferences here are Prioritizing the 
Assembling of our own "Common-Law Juries",
all so-as to Lawfully Adjudicate the Multitude of Complaints of Rampant Injustice in our modern American Nation.

One specific case which we have been focusing seriously on, is that of Samuel Girod; as web-linked here:

Shorty, from Missouri, & Marvin from Indiana, have both been very concerned about Sam's case;
& this author has composed a very "Rough-Draft Jury-Verdict" in efforts to empower Our Common People's Court to help Sam;
& that document includes a Habeas-Corpus Judgement & Order for Sam's Immediate Release;
all of which can be reviewed under the first of the 4 web-links in the last paragraph above.

Our Court is publicly Inviting all
all honorably concerned people to formally declare similar Complaints of Injustice before Our Court;
& we expect to bring lawful adjudicatory process to such cases as follows:

David Schied's work in Michigan State & the Federal Courts, here:

Andrew Ouwenga's work in Michigan, here:

Hartford Van Dyke's complaints & files describing his "Commercial Liens", "Community Currency", & Activism; as shown here:

An insightful man named "Ghost" has also shared with us some powerful law-technology insights, with related cases; as described, here:

We will again be asking other Qualified-Electors in attendance on Our Court to verbally authorize us to add their names to
Our Court's Jury Verdict, where-in we are adjudicating that one"Keith Livingway" is
"Not a Qualified-Elector",
with-in our American Body-Politic; as generally described in our Case Files & "Jury Verdict", here:


As with all Jury Verdicts which Our Court produces; people who have agreed to act as "Jurors" should
review these rough-draft versions of Our Court's Jury Verdicts, to be sure that there are "No Errors" in the words there-in.
Common-Law Requires that such Jury-Verdicts be "Unanimous"; & that means we must hammer-out a "Consensus" among all 12 of us
concerning how the Final-Wording of these "Jury Verdict" documents are to finally be presented by us to the Public.   
Other Qualified-Electors who submit their complaints to our court
will receive similarly detailed attention to the final documents which declare our lawful adjudication of their cases.

As above referenced; Our Conference/Forum/Court is actively "Assembling" an American National Community of "Common-Law Judicial-Officers";
each of whom should be willing to Assume the Duties of One of the approximately 200,000 "Vacant Offices",
which are referenced in the Sixth-Amendment as "Districts", but which under common-law jurisdiction are refered to as "Precincts".

Each of these 200,000 "Vacant Offices" contain the fully sovereign
"Judicial Power", as wielded by more ancient & localized "Common-Law Monarchs";
& as
statutorily recognized for both those & modern civil/municipal "Magistrates";
& this all with modern lawful authority to "Issue Arrest-Warrants", & to "Issue Money";
& "to control ... the conduct of ... all persons in any manner connected to a judicial proceeding before it, in every matter appertaining there-to".

Here-by; our very Small "10-household Communities" of fraternal/ideological/religious &/or local Township-level "Peace Officers";
have Lawful Authority to Execute "Arrest Warrants" against the most Powerful Criminal-Conspirators in our nation;
& there-by to lawfully breath meaningful Life in-to our County level "Posse Comitatus". 

Taking paranoia-level "Cautious Baby-Steps" towards these ultimate "Lawful Remedies",
we expect an enlightening discussion to happen in our conference, on this Friday evening;
& w
e plan on hosting similar weekly conferences on in-to the future, at this same time & place.

We do hope to gain the ability to regularly compose complete Transcripts of our conferences.
The mp3 audio-file recordings of our past conferences are available by scrolling-down in this conference's web-linked talkshoe page.

We all do hope that all good others will be able to attend this up-coming conference,
& assist us in insuring that "Lawful Process" is Responsibly & Vigilantly Followed; in all of these cases which are being brought before Our Court.

Pro-Tem/Presiding Judicial-Officer: Charles Stewart; on the land, in "Sandy, Oregon". 
503-676-8048  /  charles@constitutionalgov.us https://www.facebook.com/CharlesStewart4