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Agenda Items:
Charles Stewart's Current Lecture/Sermon Agenda-Item 1:
In this conference, i intend to open, again, by focusing more tightly on an "Economics Plan", which is focused on "Marketing Sovereignty"; by promoting "Economic incentives", which are "Meaningful", for our common People.  I have become increasingly aware of others, similarly focused on assisting in engineering these precise "Alternative Economic Systems".  These developments harmonize with a prioritized document i have been working on, & which is designed as an "Investment Offering". The prioritized Goal here is to immediately produce a serious cash-flow to our most loyal activists; which, in turn, should fast-track our larger agenda of effecting a painless & non-traumatic dis-mantling & replacement of our present roman civil/municipal/slave-traders form of government, with the much more organically accountable form of anglo/american common-law government. We need to Market our "Qualified-Electors Oath-of-Office" document; im working on shortening & simplifying it from 4-pages, down to one. "Qualified-Elector Status" Is "Marketable"; & we are in positions to "Certify" that "Status", to Adults who are willing to make Sacrifices for the Establishment of Truth & Justice through "Due-Process of Common-Law" on this Earth.

A critical-ingredient in all of this, is modern "Crypto-Currency" technology; which can be used with the growing popularity of "Public Banking", to Finance Common-Law Jurisdiction Townships & Precincts. In another conference i hosted last Wednesday evening, we discussed many of these developing concepts with specific relation to the community of computer programmers known as "Holochain".  Our special guest speaker here, "Raymond Powell"; gave us a brilliant introduction to these cutting-edge & potentially revolutionary technology developments; & Raymond has strong history of supporting American Constitutional issues, & we discussed how all of this relates to the same larger theme of "Alternative Economics"to help our our Common People.  The second & third links here-in below, link to a well-focused Transcript, along with a Recording, of the high-points of this Conference; & the other links expand to the larger "Alternative Economics" issues involved here-in:


Video: 2-mins: "Holochain vs Blockchain":  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JV8QZsNpFok

I expect this introduction to consume no more than fifteen minutes, with following comments & questions allowed for up to another ten minutes or so; & then we expect to move forward to discussing other agenda-items; (while allowing for re-visiting of these powerful issues at later times in this evening's conference).

Brief Summary of Charles Stewart's Previous Lectures/Sermons:

In our recent conferences, this author/host/moderator did there-in continue with my own Series of Brief Opening Lecture/Sermons, in which i expanded on the "Traditional Organic Social Community Relationship" between "Israelite Torah-Law", "Christian Bible-Law", "English Common-Law", & "American Constitutional-Law"I further expanded on these insights, by jumping-back in History, to the events surrounding what is known as the "Jewish Revolution of ad-66"; & which is directly related in this time-line to the Biblical verses of Mark 6, 39 & 40, & in Luke 9: 14 & 15; where-in are clearly illustrated, that, Israelite Messiah/Christ, Yeshuah/Jesus, was directing His Followers to Organize Similarly as the previously-referenced Power De-Centralizing Governmental-Model ofExodus-18.  I then built there-on, to illustrate, that, the clear implications of all of this, is that, "Jesus was a Revolutionary".

I then pointed-out how
all of this history indicates a Grand Surviving Spiritual & Legal Legacy of the "Perfect Law of Liberty"; & how this amounts to a Perfected Spiritual Ideal of De-Centralized Responsible Self-Government as Reasonably Perceived through close-examination of our modern Anglo/American Organic/Constitutional Tradition of "Due-Process of Common-Law".

Our more recent conferences have focused more intensely on "Modern Applications" of these Ancient & Time-Tested "Perfect Laws of Liberty". There-in i explained how the American National "Constitution" document, of 1787/1789, did Not establish a "Government Of the People, By & For the People", under general & "Public Law", but rather it Established a "Private-Corporation for a Public-Purpose".  The alleged reason for this convoluted quagmire of confusion, was, because, allegedly, our Common People were Too Incompetent to "Responsibly Self-Govern", under a general & public system of Common-Law; & there-under, we allegedly Needed a Roman-Empire-Law Based "Nanny State" to impose "Coercive Force" over us all, as is generally described in the concept of "Parens Patriae". This has resulted in what is accurately described as "Clipped Sovereignty" for our American People.

Building further here-on, we explored the concept of "Venue", & how our most powerful arguments center around "Challenging Jurisdiction" in the modern defacto Civil/Municipal Courts.  Further explained here is that all Federal Courts & all State level Circuit & Superior Courts, are only Courts of "Limited Jurisdiction"; as contrasted with the much More Lawfully Empowered Courts of "General Jurisdiction", which are Constitutionally Mandated to Exist at our Precinct & County Levels.  The related Concepts of "Original Jurisdiction" & "Exclusive Jurisdiction" here come in-to powerful play. These are extremely powerful concepts; which only a small part of our community seems to fully comprehend.

This email/document has been composed by Pro-Tem/Presiding "USA Supreme Court-of-Law Judicial-Officer":
Charles Stewart;
on the land, in "Sandy, Oregon".
charles@constitutionalgov.us / 503-676-8048.