Organic Hierarchies; USA.

(A Brief Outline of True Constitutional-Law; based on, that specific
Organic/Traditional Anglo/American Common-Law Governmental-Structure,
which Needs to be Adopted, in order to Secure Truth, Justice, Safety, Peace, & Liberty,

for the Good People of these United States of America.)
As authored by Charles Stewart, V-4.0; Last Edit: 6-December-2017.     /    503-676-8048 .

The American Constitutional concept of "Federalism" is based on the belief that "All Governmental Decision-Making Executive Action, Should be 'De-Centralized' to the 'Maximum Extent Possible' amongst the Smaller & more Localized 'Self-Governing Communities' of the American People". This concept of American 'Constitutional-Law' & 'Federalism', reaches back through the related Common-Law Terms of 'Confederation', & from there to a historically obscured but bottom-up & grass-roots form of 'Feudalism'.  The words Federalism, Confederation, & Feudalism, are all Related.  All of this went even further back in time to the Ancient Biblical "Torah/Laws" of Israel.  In the 1750's or so, William Blackstone wrote to affirm this, in his in famous "Commentaries on the Laws of England", as follows:

"The policy of our ancient constitution, as regulated and established by the great Alfred, was to bring justice home to every man's door, by constituting as many courts of judicature as there are manors & townships in the kingdom; wherein injuries were redressed in an easy and expeditious manner, by the suffrage of neighbors & friends. These little courts, however, communicated with others of a larger jurisdiction, & those with others of still greater power; ascending gradually from the lowest to the supreme courts ... The course of justice flowing in large streams ... & being then subdivided into smaller channels, till the whole & every part of the kingdom were plentifully watered & refreshed. An institution that seems highly agreeable to natural reason ... Moses ... 'chose able men out of Israel, such as feared God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and made them heads over the people, rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens: and they judged the people at all seasons; and the hard causes they brought unto Moses, but every small matter they judged themselves.' These inferior courts, at least the name and form of them, still continue in our legal constitution: but ... these petty tribunals have fallen into decay, and almost into oblivion ...".

Mr Blackstone's quote here, is from Exodus 18: 17-26, & the "1000's, 100's, & 10's", & it is mentioned similarly in Deuteronomy 1: 13-17; & Mark 6:40, & Luke 9:14 affirm this same "Israelite Governmental Model".  These are the numbers of Individual Households/Homesteads which have now been shown to be the Ancient Source of our modern American Constitutional "Counties, Precincts, & Townships". These are "Lower Levels" of the "Hierarchy" in the Design of our Ancient Anglo/American Traditional/Organic Federal Constitutional "Machinery of Government".  Both Old & New Testaments in the Bible indicate that it is the Will of the Supreme Being that there be "Twelve Divisions" for the "Twelve Tribes" of Israel, at their "Top Level" of this "Hierarchical Governmental-Structure". And in Revelation 7: 4, & 14: 1 & 3 where "144,000" is mentioned, clearly indicates Christian Combination of "Multiple Hierarchical Levels" of Twelves (12's), & Tens (10's). This idea of placing a "Twelves Multiple" at the "Higher Levels" of "Governmental Hierarchy", achieves complete Harmony with the precise description in Revelation 21: 10-17, of Yhvh's Government of Earth, through the "Holy City New Jerusalem". As applied in its "Ideal Form" to the People of the U.S.A.; this "Torah/Biblical Model" for the "Machinery of Government", should look something like this:

Ninth Level ........ National President & Supreme Court; (Full-Count)  Population Governed by ..... 326,377,000
Eighth Level............. 12 Super-State Common-Law Courts (x 12); Population Governed by Each …. 27,189,000
Seventh Level ........ 144 Mini-State Common-Law Courts (x 12); Population Governed by Each …..... 2,266,000
Sixth Level ........... 1,728 Micro-State Common-Law Courts (x 12); Population Governed by Each ....... 188,800
Fifth Level ........... 10,368 Adjustable Super-County Courts (x 12); Population Governed by Each ......... 15,736
Fourth Level ...... 108,792 Proper Common-Law County Courts (x 5); Population Governed by Each ....... 3,000
Third Level ....... 1,087,920 Precinct/Hundred Courts (x 10); Population Governed by Each ....................... 300
Second Level ... 10,879,200 Town-Councils/Deaconrys (x 10); Population Governed by Each ....................... 30
First Level ...... 108,792,000 Household/Homesteads (x 10); Population Governed by Each …........................ 3

The present population-count for the U.S.A., as of December, 2017, is near 326,377,000 people. Under the above calculations, readers should be able to recognize how our Entire USA can be De-Centralized to “Responsibly Self-Govern” at Every Level of this hierarchy; & this through our collectively embracing these simple “Nine-Levels” of Grass-Roots/Bottom-Up & Consensus-Based Organizational Hierarchy.  This is the general Model of “Natural- Organic Government” which is here-in being proposed for the People of our U.S.A. nation.  Here-under; our nation would be sub-divided in-to Twelve "Responsibly Self-Governing" "Super-States", & the modern Constitutional Political Concept of "Proportional Representation" would be followed, at least so far as is comfortable in respecting the organic needs of each of these these twelve separate super-state governments.  And while this will eventually need to be focused through twelve geographically separated super-state jurisdictions; the process likely would find traction more quickly, & with less intense competition; if it is begun through focusing on organizing through "Political Ideologies", & that gaining even more traction through the all-powerful first-amendment "Religious Jurisdictions".

This all harmonizes well with our American Constitutional ideas of how the "
Trial by Jury" process was originally-intended to function to secure consensus-based Harmony with the “Higher-Laws” of "Natural/Organic Law" which our traditional Anglo/American People have been conspiratorially obstructed from returning to; & this all as shown in the following quote:

"In America ... (t)he right of juries to decide questions of law was widely accepted in the colonies, especially in criminal cases. Prior to 1850, the judge and jury were viewed as partners ... . The jury could decide questions of both law and fact, ... Legal theory and political philosophy emphasized the importance of the Jury in divining natural law, which was thought to be a better source for decision than the "authority of black letter maxim." Since natural law was accessible to lay people, it was held to be the duty of each juror to determine for himself whether a particular rule of law embodied the principles of the higher natural law. Indeed, it was argued that the United States Constitution embodied a codification of natural rights so that "the reliance by the jury on a higher law was usually viewed as a constitutional judgement * * *."
(Civil Procedure; West Pub. Co., Friedenthal, Kane & Miller, 1985)

Here-under; & with a perhaps bit of spiritual/metaphysical meditation on the matter, clear-thinking individuals should be able to comprehend that our entire nation can be Governed by a "Supreme Jury". Reasonable minds will surely recognize that this model is immensely preferable to the more centralized forms of governing under the modern Model of Empire; & Moses seems clearly to have followed a model similarly as this, as also seems to have been the preference of Jesus/Yeshuah; & later still but more historically obscured evidence exists that this is the source of the Camelot legend of the “Round Table” form of Government which was presided over by King Arthur.  Here-under; a "Supreme Jury" would have the Duty to Seek Harmony through the Collective-Conscience of their Twelve Representative-King/Members, by "Divining" Sociologically "Natural/Organic Law".  This would all be in pursuit of the "Collective Well-Being" of the Common People, & before the Face of the God of Nature; which many among us prefer to reference as Yhvh/Jehovah.  Here-under, each "Supreme Juror of the USA" would be Elected as a Confederated Sovereign Representative from his approximately 1/12th of our national Population.  Further; all national governmental-policy would follow Constitutional "Due Process of Law", aka: the "Rules of the Common-Law"; & all of this would be just as the "Seventh Amendment" to our “US-Constitution” document indicates, as:

"In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried to jury, shall be otherwise reexamined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law."

Here-under; our much more natural/organic President/Chief-Executive/Monarch would be subject to "Immediate Recall" from each of the 12 lower-level "Supreme Court Judges", as each are Separate Representative of the best interests of each of their 12 Separate & independent Sovereign Super-States.  Any among these 'Supreme Twelve' would have full lawful authority to call for a “Vote of Confidence” in the acting President at any moment; at least when he deems that by doing so, he would not be risking his credibility & honor as a responsible member of this inner-council of our national organic body-politic assembly.  This President
would act as "Presiding Officer" & "Facilitator" in their Deliberations, similar to a "Jury Foreman"; & he would Direct the "Force" of the Twelve Sovereign Jurisdictions in-to such "Harmonious Battle Strategy" as was Approved by the "Supreme Jury".

As similarly under our nation's original “Articles of Confederation”, a “General- Congress” would ideally be formed, & numbering possibly as high as 144, all as the “Seventh Level” of hierarchy above would indicate.  Here-under; deeper levels of support for a “Confederated Representation” would be achieved;  & the afore-said “Immediate Recall” process could be very promptly invoked, as against Any of the 12-Members of the Supreme Inner-Council & Court, as from any one of the representatives seated at each level of this hierarchy, & as they might similarly choose to exercise their own “Vote of Confidence”, as Against Their Own consensus-based Representative/President/Monarch, to the more centralized level.  The President here-in would act as their "Presiding Officer" & "Facilitator", in all of their deliberations, similar to a "Jury Foreman"; & he would Direct the Force of the Twelve Sovereign Jurisdictions in-to such "Harmonious Battle Strategy" as might be unanimously approved by their "Supreme Jury". 
Through such real-time based & Organic 'Delegation of Authority' as this, each of these profoundly simplified twelve supreme due-process judges gain their legitimacy to “speak-law” in-to the next-levels of our nation's supreme higher- jurisdictional council, where-in they are organic delegates.

This same basic intelligently-designed governmental power de-centralizing “Immediate Recall” & “Vote of Confidence” invoking mechanism is applicable “At Every Level” in this entire Governmental-Hierarchy.  Once a Consensus has been formed around which among them was the”Most Qualified Leader” of their supreme court of law & inner-council; that individual would then act as "Presiding Officer" & "Facilitator" in their Deliberations, similar to a "Jury Foreman".  As unanimously agreed to be "in their collective best interests", this "Presiding Officer" would then Direct all civilian & military "Force" in-to such "Harmonious Battle Strategy" as any Consensus among their higher-level inner-council adjudicated to be "Justified" & Necessary. 

Through applying these powerful Seventh-Amendment Common-Law Principles, the leaders invoking these changes would then be in possession of "Constitutionally Lawful Authority" to Force the Displacement of Any & All of our Nation's morally-corrupted Office-Holders; including the Chief Judges in Nation's Twelve Circuit Courts.  And with that extremely powerful "Authority of Law" then firmly under the "Meaningful Control" of the Organic Representatives of "We the People", the entire remainder of such modernly dysfunctional Government can then also be easily & Lawfully "Dismantled". Economic incentives could be allocated to office-holders in order to encourage non-traumatic compliance.

As with those Twelve National Circuit Courts; the Separate Duties of the Chief Officers of the Twelve "Federal Reserve Banks" would also each be "Taken-Over", by one of the Leaders of the Twelve Super-States.  National Economic Policy would be co-ordinated by "Unanimous Verdict" of the Twelve Chief Jurists of our "National Supreme Court of Law".  Multitudes of other "Powerful Private Corporations" can also be similarly "Taken Over", through similar Lawful Process, & including "Eminent Domain"; but this only as "Justified", through Unanimous Twelve-Person Jury-Verdicts.. 

Further here-under; the IRS, FBI, FEMA, “Homeland-Security”, & every federal governmental office & agency may have its power effectively "De-Centralized; &  all of this with-out any trauma or endangerment to the welfare to our nation's general-population. America's Military would be Called Home, & Sub-Divided up in-to  each of their Twelve Sovereign Jurisdictions; & there-under to
return to their homes & families.  All Affairs of All Local Governments in the entire Hierarchy would be handled by Those Local Organic Government Officers, unless in the rare cases where they Invited Outside Help in-to Their Jurisdiction.

There is much more to all of this, as shown in other documents in our main web page. America's States & Larger Counties, Cities, & Metro-Districts, should each Elect their Own Leaders, & adopt similar "Deep Hierarchy Structure", as the above graph would indicate to apply to them.  These Jurisdictions need to contemplate Re-Structuring their Geographical Boundaries, so that the Resultant "Population Counts" will "Comfortably Fit" into the above described National Governmental Model.  Our Nations "Supreme Jury" will need to Consider Unanimously Approving our Merging in-to a Similar Government for the Entire Planet.  This can be Achieved by placing a "10th Level" at the Top of the Hierarchy, & by converting the Adjustable "5th Level", from 5 Divisions to around 8 or 9.  There is "No Down-Side" to this sort of a "Whole Earth Government"; because, the Central Counsel can Only Proceed to invoke force Through "Consent" from the more Local Representatives/Delegates.  The Forces which oppress our American people, similarly oppress honorable people every-where; & we all need to be "Working Together" to confront them, through this sort of an organic & consensus-based confederated Governmental Model.

Local Volunteers are now being sought as "Pro-Tem Leaders", to Organize this effort in All Local American Communities.  "Natural Justice" is Administered by such Local Juries in Local Communities, under the Godly & Natural Laws of "Good Conscience" & "Reason".  "Honorable Character" & Reputation in Your Community is basically All that is Lawfully Required.  It is a Quick & Easy "Learning Curve".  Do it for your kids.