"Orderly Governing of the USA"

In Order to effectively secure "Truth, Justice, Peace, & Safety"; for the Common
American People; they must be brought to the under-standing that there are certain
Supreme "Natural/Organic Laws" Must Govern the Sociological Universe of our American
National Body-Politic. It is Only by Harmonizing with these Supreme Sociological
"Natural/Organic Laws" that our American Body-Politic may effectively Purge It-Self of the
"Terrorists" who have come to exist with-in our National Borders; & also of the equally
Dangerous "Parasite-Classes" with-in our American-National "Body-Politic", who have come to
Influence our Governmental Officials to Mis-Use the Force of our beloved Nation, all so as to
Directly Cause both Other Nations & Our Own People to come to View Our National
Government as the Leaders of a Body-Politic of "Lawless Terrorists".
These are the "Un-Avoidable Consequences" of Dis-Harmony with the Supreme
Natural/Organic Laws which Must Govern Body-Politics of Honorable People.
Unless these Supreme Sociological "Natural/Organic Laws" are so Harmonized with,
these Terrorists & Parasite-Classes will exercise their profound ability to Camouflage them-
selves as Respectable & Honorable Members of the Body-Politic, & there-by they will Escape
Detection & they will Continue in their Terrorizing, Pillage, & Plunder; of the Remainder of the
more Honorable Members of our National Body-Politic.

Here-under, these Supreme Natural/Organic Laws of "Sociological Mechanics", Dictate
that there be "Great Control" for the "Individual Members" of the Body-Politic, at the Smaller
"Local Level". These same "Mechanical Natural-Laws" similarly Dictate "Progressively Less
Control" for these Individual Members, as Larger Numbers of "We the People" in our
Natural/Organic Body-Politic seek to so become "Organized".
These Sociological "Mechanical Laws" have been Placed in Motion in very Ancient
Times, when the First Natural/Organic Laws were Set in Motion for the Ordering of the entire
Universe. They are Beyond the Powers of mere Men to Alter, or to very long exist in Violation
there-of. The Evidence conclusively Proves that this general form of "Natural/Organic Law
Harmonized Government" was that Form which was being followed by the Anglo/Saxons &
Celtic Peoples of England & Northern Europe, especially prior to the Norman-Conquest of
England in 1066 ad.. Further, the Evidence conclusively Proves that this general Form of
Government was also being followed by the Nation of Israel at various times in their history, &
that it was being followed by their promised Messiah/Christ, Yeshua/Jesus.
This ""Evidence" is presented in accompanying documents.

Here-under, the "Household" is the Singular Most Important Unit of Government which
Sociological Natural/Organic Law "Requires the Support" of. The very Next Larger Unit of
Government which has become recognized by traditional America, British/English, & Israelite
Torah & Christian Law, is the "Township". The Ancient Model Requires that the "Township"
be Formed from Only Ten (10) "Heads of Households". Under True Anglo/American
Constitutional Law, this Small Governmental Unit, was the Supreme Executive Officer in that
Small Ten-Household Jurisdiction. If Any-one is to be Arrested with-in that Township
Jurisdiction, for Any Crime What-So-Ever; the "Town Constable" was to make that Arrest.
One of the "Leaders", "Heads", or "Constables" from Ten of these "Townships"; are
then Elected to the Ranks of Leadership in the Next Higher Governmental Level at the "Hundred
Court"or "Precinct Court". This is a Constitutionally Recognizable "Court of Justice", or "Court
of Law". These "Precincts" are "Districts" with-in the meaning of Sixth Amendment to the US
Constitution; & These Small Jurisdictions are basically where All Criminal Complaints find
theor "Original Jurisdiction". These Criminal Complaints can be "Passed Up" to the Lager
Common-Law Jurisdictions, such as the "County Court", when-ever the Officers of the Smaller
Precinct Courts Recognize such to be in the Interests of Justice. Case-law recognizes that
"District" means "Precinct".
Here-under, the Heads of Each Township can here-by exercise very Powerful Control
over the Officers of that "Precinct Court". This Small Precinct Governmental Unit of "Ten
Townships" is where "Due Process of Law" is Unanimously Administered by the People in their
Sovereign Common-Law Capacity.
This entire Common-Law Governmental Machinery Structure places Very Powerful
"Local Control" in the hands of the Local Population. This Powerful Sovereign Local Control
Continues on up, "Through-Out the Entire Hierarchy" of this Ancient System of "Common-Law
Government". Through the Hierarchal Structure set forth in accompanying documents; the
People of the Entire USA are Placed in Positions of Meaningful Control & Sovereign Power
over All Governmental Machinery in the Entire USA.
Here-under, Each Level Exercises "Instantaneous Recall" & "Veto Powers" over the
Officers which They have Appointed to the Office Directly Above Them in the Hierarchy
. This
Supreme Sociological Natural/Organic Law Demands that such "Instantaneous Recall" & "Veto
Authority" as this be Lodged in these "Lower Levels" of Government. Here-by, there is Zero
Opportunity for Governmental Policies of Terrorism, Pillage, & Plunder to be Implemented by
Terrorizing Parasite-Classes over the Common-People/Members of our American National
These Supreme Sociological Natural/Organic Laws Require the Common American
People to Organize Their Own Smaller & more Localized Governmental Units, such as these
Townships, & Precincts. These are the Most Important of Governmental Units, & the Officers
of the "Counties" have a "Primary Duty" to Insure that such is Operating Efficiently with-in
their County-Wide Jurisdiction. Only here-by, may Violent Terrorists & Parasite-Classes be
Purged from the Constitutional "Body-- Politic" of Peaceable & Honorable American Men. The
Terms "Organic" & "Organize" are clearly "Related-Terms", & here-under Supreme
"Natural/Organic Law" "Requires" this "Local-Organizing" of "Local-Governments" by "Local-
Communities" of Honorable American People. And it works best if these small communities
profess some form Religion, which can "Bind their Conscience" to Socially "Honorable" &
"Responsible" Behavior.
As shown further below & elsewhere, "Trial by Jury" is the Most Effective Mechanism
Known for Scientifically Discovering these "Sociological Natural- Laws". The Unanimous
Agreement of Twelve People is Very Hard to Achieve, & Once it is Done, the Logical
Conclusion Follows that this is the "Conscience of the Community".
Here-under, the Logical Conclusion Follows, that these United States of America should
be Governed by a "Supreme Jury
". This is the Policy which is advocated in a soon to be
completed "Natural Organic Constitution for the People of the United States os America"; of
which this document is specifically designed to support. That document may be reviewed on the
web pages described at the end of this article (at least in part now, & more completely soon.).
Here-under, the USA should be Organized Directly Under Twelve "Super-State"
Districts, with One "Judge/Juror/Justice of the Peace" Chosen from Each such "Super-State".
Similarly, & at the More Localized Levels Directly Under Each of these Twelve Supreme
National Judicial Jurisdictions; many More "Supreme Juries" such as this, should be
"Organized" to Govern their Progressively "Smaller & More Localized Jurisdictions".
This is all similar to how "St Columbia" Organized the Non-Romanized Christian
"Celtic Church" of ancient Britain, & it is Probably how "King Arthur" Organized his "Round
Table" at "Camelot". It is clearly how Ancient "Israel" was Organized under the "Twelve
Tribes"; & it is Clearly How "Christ/Messiah Jesus/Yeshua", was Organizing the True Israelite
People under his "New Jerusalem" Government of "Twelve Apostles".
Al of these Historical Precedents lend great Support to the here-in contained Proposition
that our American People Should Adopt This Form of "Natural/Organic Government". This is a
Maximumly Possible "De-Centralized" System of Judicial Governmental Process, all just
precisely as Visualized under the 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th, & 11th Amendments .
Here-by, & as all of these Multitudes of Smaller Sovereign Common-Law Jurisdictions
in the USA Adopt this Supreme Natural/Organic Form of Government; the "Water of Justice"
(as described by Blackstone & the Bible) will Flow through Much Exercise of Constitutional
"Due Process of Law", all to Saturate our Entire American "Body-Politic" with such much
needed Godly Conscionable "Justice". It is Only Here-By that "Truth, Justice, Peace, Safety, &
Tranquility" may effectively & Lastingly be Secured for our Common American People.
The vision of "New Jerusalem" as described by John in the Biblical book of
"Revelation" would not be inappropriately applied here-to.

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