Index for the
"Natrural/Organic Constitution
for the United States of America".

The Twelve USA Super-State/Circuit-Court Jurisdfictions
Organizational Structuring Data for the
Twelve Christian/Israelite Common-Law Super-State Judicial Jurisdictions
into which these United States of Smerica Need to be Sub-Divided.
Version 2.0; pragmatic version, & avoiding divisions of the states.

Orderly Governing of the USA.
Explaining the Reasoning behind Why the above Design for
the Governing of the Common People of the USA
is not only Practical & Proven, but also very Necessary.

Brief Explaining of the more Current History behind
this Plan for "Taking-Back America",

Counties, Precincts, & Townships" Article.
A Brief Explaiation the Deep History behind this Plan for "Taking-Back America".

Idealistic Future Twelve Divisions of the USA.  
(Reference only. May never be used.) 

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