"Hartford Van Dyke".
"Phone-Conference Transcript", (incomplete). Friday; 2017-June-02.
With: Shorty-Missouri, Andrew-Ouwenga, Matt-Michigan, Louis-Brooklyn, Donald, Others, & Host Charles-Stewart.

Total Show Time: 4:51:56.

0:00:00: Shorty, from Missouri; & Andrew, from Michigan; opened the conference-discussion; 
with the host, Charles Stewart, from Oregon.

Some-time later: Tom, from Michigan, entered the discussion.
Tom is working with another group, similar to Tim Turner or John Darrish's groups; 
& Tom was there-under trying to convince Andrew, Shorty, & the rest of us, 
how wise it would be for us to defer to Tom's groups supposedly more advanced & scholarly leadership capabilities. 
Andrew, Shorty, Charles, & others spent excessive time & energy indulging the possible merits of Tom's arguments. 

1:18:00: Hartford entered the conference, un-announced. 

1:27:25: Charles Summarized Tom's Counsel as being "Rejected by Andrew"; 
& Charles thanked Tom for his counsel, but advised Tom that we were now going to focus the discussion in areas that 
excluded the strategy of deferring to Tom's group's supposedly advanced scholarship.
1:28:05: A fella began discussing a case in Florida that had similarities to Andrew's case, 
presented in Angela's "Private Audio" Show, with "Orlando Steve"; 
& which produced a 35-million dollar out-of-court settlement for the patriot.

1:30:00: Charles begins articulating the organic hierarchy of the common-law court system, 
based on bible law, with the counties, precincts & townships. 
Charles presents some similarly insightful rants before Hartford finally joins the discussion 
& takes it to an even grander level. 

1:40:30: Charles informed Donald that Hartford is our main guest speaker, 
& that Don is a young scholar, & that he needs to defer to those who have spent more time in the movement than he has. 

1:41:38: Charles introduced Hartford; but Hartford only spoke briefly to declare that 
he/Hartford was trying to glean from the discussion the back-ground data that he/Hartford had missed, 
on account of his late-entry in-to the conference. 

1:41:50: Shorty began summarizing Andrew's case for Hartford. Andrew filled-in some more history of the case. 

1:46:00: Hartford began interacting directly.

Hartford said: Most Judgements use the word "Should", & they can be "Denied".
But when they use the word "Order", & if there is any money involved in the Order, 
then the Judge has to be "Bonded", when he issues his "Order". 
When a Judge makes an Order, he has Created a "Monetary Value", he has "Created a Currency". 
And when he "Creates a Currency", he Has to be "Bonded". ... Some-one, has to "Carry the Liability" for it.

(More valuable discussion recorded here. Volunteers Needed for Transcribing.)
1:49:40: Hartford:  There are "Four Types of Courts"; ...  
the "Court of Public Opinion", the Court of "Trial by Jury", 
the "Equity Court" which is a "judge-only court", & a "Summary Court".  

No Civil Government's "Judicial Court", has "juris-diction", over "Commercial Issues".
Hartford groups together the "Equity Court" & the "Summary Court"; as both being "Judicial Courts".

"Equity Courts" are Not "Commercial Courts"; even tho their judges claim that authority. 
Those courts are "Consent Courts".

1:51:30: The only thing a judge can do in a "Jury Court", is to maintain the order & decorum in the court. 
He is a referee, he has a 'whistle to blow', & that's it.  ...  
It's a "Citizen's Court", called a "Jury Court". 
And a Jury has the Power to Cancel "Commercial Process", like "Liens".
But None of the "Judicial Courts" have the Power to "Cancel a Lien" out; 
unless they have Created it, like a "Lis Pendens Lien". 

1:53:00: In the Oregon Code, it says: the Equity Court can Only Proceed with the "Consent" of "Both Parties". 
If they Dont have that "Consent", then they have "nothing to say about it", & they cant hold you in Contempt for it either.  
They have no power, unless you have Consented in the first place. ...  
The CEO of a Corporation does Not have to Give "Consent", if he does not want to. ...  
But, he can be "Over-Ridden" by the "State". Because the State is a "Silent Partner" for Every Corporation.
So if the State Gives the Judge the Permission to Proceed in that Court, then the CEO of the  Corporation can Not Stop it.  
That is one of the Characteristics of an "Equity Court".

But among natural persons, there-in; Both Parties have to Give "Consent", because it's a "Commercial issue". 
It has to be a "Witnessed Consent", & it has to be in the Form of an "Affidavit".

1:54:35: The Fourth court is the "Summary Court", which is for "Corporations Only". 
Part of the Price for the "Limited Liability" of the Corporations, is that the State Controls them. 
And if the State Gives the Judge the Permission to Proceed in that Court, then the CEO of the Corporation can Not Stop it.  
"What the Lord Giveth, the Lord Taketh Away"; & "What the State Giveth, the State can Take Away".

And for a Judge in any equity-court to say "shut-up", he has just "stopped his court". ...  
because a judge there-in has No "Power to Proceed", with-out the "Consent" of the Parties.

1:57:00: Hartford begins explaining the power to be had from citations to the "U.S. Code", including Titles 18 & 42. ... 
They can Not "Charge a Filing Fee", for a "Criminal Filing". 
Title 42 is the Spirit of the Law, the Public Law, while Title 18 is the Letter of the Law, 
that is the one which you will have to answer to. 

1:58:05: Title 42, Section 1986, very important. It is the "Brother's Keepers" Statute of Federal Law. 

2:20:00: These street-currencies are "Lien Assignments", which there-under have a "Commercial Value".

2:27:30: Civil "Summons", gives 21-days to appear or face "default judgement". That is "3-weeks", under "Jewish-Law".
So, the Civil "Summons" is a Jewish-Law based Commercial "Notice of Interest" in the case filed with that Summons. 
They do not want you to know that a "Notice of Interest" has so much Power.  
They have to resolve all of the "Commercial Issues" involved in the case, 
or else they can Not "Move Forward" with the Civil part of the case.  

To defend against such a "Civil Summons", you compose an "Affidavit", & present it to the opposing-party, 
as an "Affidavit Contesting Claim" that they have filed against you.  
And they have to Answer the claims made against them in your Affidavit, with-in that 21-days.  
Inform the Judge that the other party has "Failed to Exhaust Remedies in Commerce".

2:30:30: If you cite "Case-Law" in your complaints, 
you are silently presumed to be inviting the (civil) judge to give his "Judicial Opinion", 
& there-under you are inviting him to assume the law-making "power of a legislator".

2:31:00: "Melorich Builders vs San Bernardino County, California". 
There-in; the Judge said that he Could Not Proceed with the County's Complaint 
until After the County Answered the allegations in the Affidavit. 

2:33:00: The "County Recorder's Office" is a "Hoop Every-One Has to Jump Through".

2:38:20: Revised Code of Washington: 60.68.045.  "Uniform Federal Lien Registration Act".
Evey County Commissioners sets itself up a "County Auditor". "Duties of County Auditor". 
"County Auditor Shall Enter Tax Liens on a Tax Lien Index".

2:41:30: File "Criminal Charges" against the County Recorder, 
for the Fraud of recording a "Notice of Lien" on the Wrong Index as an actual "Lien". 
And the County Commissioners are the ones who "Set Her Up" to record those "Notice of Liens" in that Fraudulent manner. 
You have got the County Commissioners & the County Recorder in a Conspiracy with the Internal Revenue Service; 
you have every-thing that you need for a 'public attack' on this. 

Since they are conducting the county business & this whole recording process with "Fraud", that "Shuts Down their Recording-Office". 
Plain & simple' & it shuts-down the "Auditor's Office". 
In other words, you shut-down these people. 
They can not do any-thing without taxation, because they have been proven to be involved in an enterprize of "Racketeering".  
Now you have the power to place all of those county officials under a criminal prosecution. 

IRS; at the top of their letter-head, they write "Department of the Treasury"; with No Reference to the "USA" or "United States". 
They are the Treasury for the Private "Federal Reserve Bank" corporation system. 
IRS uses Non-Federal Court-Buildings to Prosecute their cases; because, the IRS is "Not a Part of the Federal Government".

2:45:30: You do Not File Liens against Government Officials Unless you have First Filed a Criminal-Complaint against them. 
They can Not Prosecute for Filing Liens if you have done so under the mandate of Title-18, Section 4.

2:53:00: "Matt from Michigan", clearly began communicating with Hartford.

3:05:00: "RoddyK" entered the discussion, & asked Hartford about how the County Officials can be Charged Criminally over the "Tax Lien Fraud".  
Hartford & Roddy came to agreement that the Crime consisted of "Conversion of Securities".

3:10:00: "Affidavit of Private Individual" is a legitimate form of a "Criminal Complaint", under Title 18, Section 4, of the US-Code. 
An "Indictment" is Not a "Sworn Instrument", & there-fore it is Not a "Charging Instrument". 
It is Nothing More than a "Begging Instrument", for Financing the District-Attorney, so that he can prosecute the case. 

3:14:00: Hartford described his strategy for Moving the Court in-to "Higher-Law Jurisdiction". 
Hartford suggests appearing & verbally uttering "Sworn Testimony". 
Once "Sworn Testimony" is presented before the Court, the Court can Not there-after "Go Back-wards" to the "Lower-Level Law".

3:19:00: All Debts which are Collected Forcibly, are Collected by "Liens", Every-where in the world.   
The First-Stage is the "Lien", & the Second-Stage is the "Notice of Distress". 
The Lien is the "Paper Debt Collector", & the "Notice of Distress" is the "Paper Sheriff".  
If one does not get you, the other one will. 
The Bond on the Criminal Complaint becomes the Distress to Bring them in-to "Order". ... 

You use the dollar-value on the criminal-complaint as the dollar-value on your bond process. You "accomplish two-things at once". ...  
A Lien Itemizes "Dollar Value"; & Distress Itemizes the things that the Prosecutor Must Correct, in order for his Process to be "Due Process".

3:30:00: Hartford describes "Premature Foreclosure"; & declares details of that concept are in his book: 
"How to Create Currency for Local Communities".

3:51:50: Hartford advocated creating a "United States People's Department of Government Over-Sight". 
All these things we are trying to do, are "functions of this over-sight department"; 
so that we can keep-track of what's happening in these courts, & make sure that they do their jobs right; 
& in return, the people in this department of over-sight get paid funds 
that are out of this money that is obtained by taking-on (corrupted) public officials, thru "negotiable instruments", 
which are paid to people who are willing to "do their job right".

So, it flows-back from the crooked-judge to the juror, 
who is in position to correct the mistake that the corrupt-judge is doing. It is a "feed-back system". 
If we dont get that going pretty soon, we are going to loose this country. 

We have to have a "Department of People's Government Over-Sight”.
Get the people aware that There Is "Another Source of Money", besides their labor-job, 
by helping take (corrupted) judges off of the bench & putting them on the side-walks.

3:53:40: Hartford announced that he needed to excuse him-self from the conference. 

3:58:00: Phone-problems arrised here with the phone of this host, Charles.  
(I could not hear the problems & windy-back-ground when on my phone; 
but playing this recording, I do hear my soft-voice & windy-noise problems.  
That really was goofy. I should have hung-up, & called-back-in.) 

4:00:00: I, Charles, out-lined my belief that we need to "Establish a Treasury" for our activists, 
so that leaders like Hartford can be adequately funded to freed-up their time sufficiently 
so that they can "Maintain Professional Standards" for Supporting the Collective Efforts of our Public-Justice Interest Community.

4:03:00: We need to Recruit Common-People in-to the movement, 
by not only Offering them Justice, but also Offering them "Economic Rewards", & by "Paying their Bills". 

4:10:00: Charles (my-self), begins discussion of "Local Township Peace-Officers", aka: "Town Constables".

4:23:00: "Matt from Michigan" shared constructive-criticism about the Strategy of previous conference-speaker "Andrew".

Total Show-Time Ending At: 4:51:56.