Appendix 1;

Listing of various “State Prisoners”

which are here-by demanded to be ordered released

by the Federal Supreme Court.

            The below listed so-called “State Prisoners” are being held in so-called “State Prisons” (or in Private Prisons which have Contracted with a defacto State)”. Remedy is being sought in the this Federal Supreme Courts for these prisoners, because the policies being carried-out by these defacto states are in place as the direct result of policies advocated by the acting officers of the Federal Government, similar to so-called: “Co-Operative Federalism”; all of which is based on “Contractual” entanglements. This powerfully motivates the government officers in America’s local and state jurisdictions to compromise their constitutional obligations to serve the common people of their local and state communities. Here-by; defacto federal policies are in place to wage malum-prohibitum based “War” against these Americans through anti-constitutional and foreign-law based malum-prohibitum social-engineering codes. These federally-sponsored anti-constitutional codes and policies have resulted in massive lawless imprisonments in these states, all in violation of constitutional “due process of law”.

            Here-by; these imprisonments are a “Federal Issue”, and this supreme Federal Court has proper organic/constitutional-lawful authority to order a Habeas-Corpus hearing in pursuit of the Release of these prisoners, and perhaps even to try the here-in accused corrupted state & local public/civil-servants for the crimes which are of logical necessity associated with these massive lawless imprisonments. Even if this court believes that it does not have lawful authority to try the complaints against the local and state corrupted public/civil-servants; it clearly has the authority and Duty to Order a Habeas Corpus hearing and accompanying Release of all of these prisoners. But no matter how that issue is resolved; the Habeas-Corpus hearings Must be Invoked, for these local and state prisoners, immediately. Because of the Federal Funding Streams, & Co-Operative Federalism Policies; this all clearly involves these “Federal Issues”. These state-level prisoners, in their similarly-situated nation-wide massive numbers, have a right to have all of these Habeas-Corpus related issues resolved in this “single proceeding”, in this supreme federal court.


Habeas Corpus Demanded For Aproximately 75 % of

 the Prisoners in the Constitutionally-Lawless

DeFacto-Federally-Franchised 14th-Amendment Buck-Act

Puppet-State & County Prisons:

DeFacto Alabama:

            Patrick Swiney is a graduate of the Alabama State Police Academy (1967) and the Huntsville Police Academy (1976). He is a former Deputy Sheriff for the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office in Columbiana, a former Police Officer serving with the Huntsville Police Department, the Vestavia Police Department, and the Gulf Shores Police Department. Mr. Swiney served as Vice-President of the Fraternal Order of Police. While working for the Gulf Shores Police Department, Patrick was instrumental in exposing a drug smuggling operation resulting in the conviction of the District Attorney in Baldwin County and the Sheriff’s Department chief investigator. Patrick left police work due to his disillusionment with the law enforcement community and went to work first as a legal investigator.

            Patrick Swiney has been incarcerated for the past fourteen years. The original evidence in this case has been lost or destroyed by people in positions of power who sought to railroad Patrick.

One “Dr. Jon Nordby”, Ph.D., D-ABMDI, has examined the evidence int his case; and has found that Patrick Swiney could not have committed the crimes for which he was convicted.

            Swiney has been in prison since 1989 on a charge of capital murder in the deaths of Betty Snow Swiney and Ronnie Pate near Saginaw in 1987. Swiney is in poor health and requires medical attention for heart problems.

            It is here-by Demanded that this court immediately convene a Habeas Corpus Hearing to conscionably and lawfully investigate the merits of these claims that Patrick Swiney deserves to be released immediately.

DeFacto Arizona:

            Angel Martinez Marrufo was railroaded into Arizona state prison by way of a prison sentence of 2.5 years, which was issued under case number: CR-20032534, on the date of 30-July-2004, by one “Ted B. Brock”, acting as a “Judge” for Pima County, in Tucson Arizona. Angel was born in September of 1980, & was only 23 years old at that time. Angel was prosecuted primarily based on charges infringing on his right to bear arms for th protection of himself and others. Angel’s father, Alberto Gonzales, Marrufo; is able to articulate the un-justness and un-lawfulness of this case in much greater detail. It is here-by Demanded that this court immediately convene a Habeas Corpus Hearing to conscionably and lawfully investigate the merits of these claims that Angel Martinez Marrufo deserves to be released immediately.

DeFacto Oregon:

            So far, this section is focusing prominently on the Snake River Prison in Ontario Oregon. Approximately 120 prisoners in that prison have affirmed to their co-prisoner “Ronald Strasser” that they affirm their support of a Quo-Warranto and Habeas Corpus Complaint such as this. Here-by; these 120 prisoners are included here-in as specifically having solemnly affirmed their status as co-plaintiffs in this case. Over 90 % of these 120 prisoners are either totally innocent, or they have served enough time to make them aware and repentant of the wrongs which they have done; and these men should be released immediately. Co-Plaintiff Stewart has made personal contact with many of the men in this prison, Stewart has heard and has come to believe many of the accounts of their wrongful convictions. Habeas Corpus hearings are specifically and immediately Demanded for these specific 120 prisoners; and for the other prisoners in this prison and other Oregon prisons as reasonable time and opportunity allow.

             In particular; known innocent prisoners here-in, are: Ronald Kenneth, Strasser, ID: 4691034; David Haworth, ID: 10143476; Shawn Freitag, ID 7876181; John Allen Robertson, ID 4490940; Melvin Laird, 11529318; Jason Wright, 14298507. Others of this 120 number, of whom over 90 % are reasonably presumed to be deserving of being set free immediately, are listed as follows: David Kenneth Hale, 13381480; George M. Umtouch, 5700794; Brian Kieth Yancy, 13593684; Theodore Torenson, 5845819; Marvin B. Jones, 1181941; Lennard Ward, 7399354; John James Torkelson, 6184093; Richard Darrin Coultas, 5403902; Jason Wayne Rose, 7451349; Scott William Kyger, 14127952; Richard Evett, 6309438; Donals Ernest Altee, 11357146; Kenneth C. Donnelly, 872994; Rodney S. Orr, 7850955; Roger Matthew Walters, 3086766; Mark A. Nichols, 12852280; Henry Severino Aldegure, 4240768; Tom Eugene Weaver, 11374149; Richard William Harring, 4855415; Ronald Edward Jenks, 13317546; Otis Randell Byrd,, 7930398; Terry Joe Lutz, 4821527; Otis H. Farrell, 12283463; Dynna Andre’ Palmer, 8791200; Richard Fredrich Goos, 10172376; David John Haworth, 10143476; Michael Lloyd Rogers, 11638796; Todd Allen Sherman,5318953; Donny Joe Rowe, 68905554; Chad R. Snell, 13807735; Michael Anthony Griggs, 5834071; Daniel Gloyd, 1362363; James Wallace, 6787091; Lyle Mark Coutas, 5211537; Calvin Boatman, 2998441; Delbert Pirtle, 12808922; Eric Rose, 13273343; Michael Geier, 12919337; Harley Roberetson, 10071858; Richard Darren Coultas, 5403902; Michael Cassidy, 4457825; James Griffin, 4135455; Earl Brown, 6804930; Robert Duncan, 4422061; Phillip McClure, 5072942; Travis Humble, 6804416; Javier Vage, 10689342; Scott Lanig, 6123190; Thomas Henne, 4052189; Phillip Determann, 8412265; Teddy Dunmire, 4404003; William Smith, 4780062; Charles Wade, 6783137; Gary Golden, 4577311; Edward Stagl, 6575104; Gene Molenithan, 8404164; James Lash, 13473381; Carl Dixon, 5837361; Kenny LaCross, 5241591; Thomas Cremeen, 4744768; John Leffingwell, 10224547; Davit Hill, 3623493; Lawrence Fleck4787744; Scott Isbell, 11189766; Benjaman Sanders, 3629235; Joe Seebach, 10374397; Thomas Ray, 4211793; Ricky Barney, 12925012; Dwayne Kagler, 5928125; Marty Lape, 5162945; Danny Forester, 4854862; Westley Huntley, 5450933; Rolin Spencer, 3908423; Jeffrey Bourgo, 6044344; Darnell Pendergrass, 10034297; Michael Delaney, 6176579; Jerry Fullylove, 5640657; Marcos Ramirez, 11696391; Richard Roy MsKenna; 8712998; Jose Melchor, 12445985; James Owens, 4697380; Thomas Peed, 10372757; Van Allen Beebe, 6373781; Kenneth Brown, 13120611; Richard Boam, 12918562; Robert Freund, 9858873; Eugene Grant, 13164822; Marshal Mann, 3142197; Barrett Nevins; Eric Petersen, 6554207; Donny Odems 5205509; Kenneth W. Phillips, 4820299; Frank Phillips, 6199033; William Roberts, 3386604; Troy Stokke, 12702732; Otto Wilson Sturgis, 13479952; Victor Vincigverra, 6094833; Steve Wong, 11709705; Kenny A. Cline, 5957913; Chris K. Tipton, 13633328; Chris J. Olsen, 10819347; John A. Ledbetter, 13383314; Richard D. Carins, 4018347; Danny W. Adkins, 5097627; Ricky L. McNicol, 7839198; Robert L. Smith, 2190742; Ronald W. Collins, 5501751; Chris Y. Coffin, 1529171; EnRique Barcinas Salas, 15485003; Matthey William Purvine; David L. Robinson, 14901533; Alan Mitchell, 7965991; Duene Delepierre, 11007424; Marvin Scofield, 7640700; Ronald Clarke, 8551306.

            Again; it is here-by Demanded that this court immediately convene a Habeas Corpus Hearing to conscionably and lawfully investigate the merits of these claims that these specific 120 prisoners deserve to be released immediately. Similar hearings will be demanded for the other prisoners in this prison and other Oregon prisons, as reasonable time and opportunity allow.