Defendants List Appendix

Growing List of Accused Defendants

Bank of International Settlements:

and all natural persons participating there-in.

          The “Bank of International Settlements” is located in Brussels Belgium. It owns the vast majority of the bonds which have been issued in the financing of the Defacto/Private /Corporate “US Federal Prison System”. These people and their collective corporate personality know or should know that they are financing “Acts of War” against American’s People.

Correction Corp. Of America;

as basically composed by Lynn Schmaltz & slightly edited by Charles Stewart

          The primary economic conspirator being the constitutionally-lawless Prison Systems in America is the “Correction Corp of America”. They hold most of the bonds which finance the multitudes of so called “Private Prisons” in the USA; and they seem to literally “Own” them . Their corporation clearly runs most of the day-to-day operations of those many “private prisons”. They are headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.

          The Paine Webber Group is the prime stockholder in this Correction CORP of America; aka: CCA. However, twenty other companies are also involved; and they include but are not limited to: Wal-mart; Exon; General Motors; Ford Motors; Chevy; Texico; City Corp; IBM; Exphilip; Hewlett Packard; Verizon; United Postal Service (Ups); etc.. The monies generated is all off budget with no accounting to the People

          FBI .....

          Portland Police Department

          State Justice Institute.

          The list of defendants is too long to be fully placed into this document. A team pf lawyers needs top be appointed to assist in rounding-out this list of co-conspirators.