"After-the-Revolution Bonds", & Credits.
For Sale: Fund-Raising Letter.
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There are "Three Categories" for the Bonds discussed here-in.

1: Bonds issued as compensation for "Services Rendered", to people who are "Presently Devoting" "Time/Energy/Material/Money Recourses", to the advancement of the cause of Truth & Justice; & to the more detailed goals of this Revolution.

2: People who have devoted time/emergy recourses, in "Times Past" to the Advancement of this Cause of Truth & Justice; & to the more detailed goals of this Revolution.

These people will be compensated "After the Revolution" has been Completed, as the more organic governing body then in place deems appropriate, in the light of the conscionable levels distribution of newly aquired recourses & wealth then available.

The here-in referenced "Bonds", are Bonded-Obligations to "Pay Money", as issued in the name of, & on the behalf of, the "Sovereign People of the United States of America".

These Bonds/Obligations shall become Due & Payable To all Individuals who legitimately Hold them on the date "Ninety Days" "After the Revolution" has been completed; & which may also be described as the Date "Ninety Days" Following the Date of the Lawful Replacement of the Current/DeFacto/Lawless "President of the United States of America", with one who is Fully, instantaneously, & Organically Accountable to the People of our U.S.-America Nation.

The community of activists who are promoting this "Revolution" & "Bond Sale", are so moving based on the common-knowledge & broad-based consensus amongst the "Qualified Electors" of our American nation, that, a "Revolution" such as this is both desperately "Needed", & "Justified". Further expanantion of this "Necessity" & "Justification" is available in other similar documents from this same source.

The date up-on which Payments will be made on these Bonds, is based on our calculations, that, this "Revolution" will be Completed on the Date when a Single & Fully Organically-Accountable Individual takes Complete Control over the White-House, & over all other Executive & Administrative Offices which are legitimately recognizable as being subject to the control of that highest Executive-Office.

Further here-under; the organizers of this effort recognize that this Army of Patriotic-Americans needs to be freed-up from their economic-difficulties, so that their limited time-energy recourses may more effectively be devoted to the support of the afore-mentioned "Revolution".

The Selling of these afore-mentioned Bonds/Obligations are designed to produce "Revenue-Streams"; which may be used as "Credits", for Economically-Supporting this "Army of Patriotic Americans"; all so that they may more efficiently work together, with-out worrying about their own petty-expenses, and all in such manners as their own elected leaders may choose to direct them, in their mutual efforts to Achieve the Noble Goals of this "Revolution".

These "After the Revolution Bonds" shall be Lawfully Recognizable as "Promises to Pay", under general principles & guidelines of "Commercial Law", & the "Uniform Commercial Code". For legal-strategy reasons, we who are organizing this Lawful/De-Jure Government have chosen to Not denominate our units of bonds/obligations/credits/debts currency in “FRN-Dollars”.

Rather, we find it legalistically strategic to denominate our currency here in “Silver Coin”, in ounces &/or grams. This does not mean that the singular mode of payment of these bonds will be accomplished for the bonds-holders in only silver coin. When we lawfully and finally secure control of the executive offices of the government of this nation, we will correspondingly secure control over multitudes of the “Physical-Assets” of this nation, especially from the obscenely-wealthy criminal-conspirator classes; & all of which will include homes, business offices, industry buildings & equipment, automobiles, airplanes, boats, live-stock, natural-recourses, & multitudes of other items which presently are impossible to list fully.

“Public Auctions” will be held for the sale of these other physical-assets, & the Holders of the silver-coin-denominated Bonds/Obligations of this De-Jure/Constitutional Government will be lawfully entitled to Bid the Value of their Bonds/Obligations on any and all of the properties which are being sold in these public auctions. Because these other physical-assets can be listed as being valued in specific amounts of FRN-Dollars, they also can be valued in ounces &/or grams of silver-coin. Here-under; the Bonds/Obligations being sold here-in can be denominated in our silver-coin based currency, & we can sell many more of these Bonds/Obligations than we might have an actual reasonable expectation of gaining the physical possession over.

Current Bonds/Obligations of this De-Jure/Constitutional Government are being sold as denominated in “Ounces of Silver Coin”.

One ounce of silver, at its current "Spot Price",
all as communicated by the major commodities markets trading corporations,
shall be "Leveraged", at the rate of 100 to 1, or 100/1,
so that sufficient funds may be raised
to deliver one ounce of silver to these leaders now.


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This entire process is in conformity with & subject to
general principles of Common-Law Due-Process & "Robert's Rules of Order";
& all of which is described more fully in a separate document.