Identification Papers & Drivers Certificate:

East-Cascadia-Village Common-Law Precinct

Deputy Peace-Officer

Under American/Christian/Israelite Public-Constitutional-Law.

Charles Bruce, Stewart;

is here-by “Certified” by the Below Signatory Officers with-in Our Local Precinct Jurisdiction, as being a Deputy “Peace Officer” for Our Jurisdiction, as defined with-in ORS 133.005(3) & 161.015(4). Do Not Detain This Man.

 This Man is Engaged in Our “Community Care-Taking Functions” as defined with-in ORS 133.033. As a Constitutionally & Statutorily Recognizable “Deputy Peace-Officer”, this Man has the Right to Drive on the Public Highways; & to Carry Firearms Openly & Concealed. This Man is here-by “Certified” as Posing “No Threat” to the Organic Body-Politic of the American People. This Man is here-by Certified to Seek & Identify “Out-Laws” & “Terrorists” With-In His Common-Law Precinct & County Jurisdiction. This Man Preforms his “Community Care-Taking Functions” “Full-Time”, & “24/7". If this Man is Out-Side of His Precinct or County’s Geographical-Boundaries, then he is On A “Diplomatic Mission” to Assist Other Neighboring American Jurisdictions to Establish Constitutionally Recognizable “Peace” &/or “Peace Officers” in those Jurisdictions. He Performs These Duties Every-Where He Goes. We do Not Care Who You Are. Do Not Coercively Question or Detain This Man; at least not unless You have “Probable Cause” Evidence to Believe this Man has Committed a “Common-Law Crime” involving a Physical Trespass Against Another Natural-Person. If you Harass or Detain this Man with-out having such a Constitutionally-Recognizable “Lawful Reason”, then You Are Committing the “Class A Felony” Act of “Kidnaping” & “Assault”, You Are An “Enemy of the State”; & Constitutionally You are Committing an “Act of War”, & You are a “Terrorist”. Here-under, He & All Constitutionally-Lawful Peace-Officers in these United States of America, are “Oath-Bound” to Use “What-Ever Force is Necessary” to Arrest You & Bring You to a Constitutionally-Lawful, Prompt, & Just; Jury-Trail. And We the remaining Members of His Self-Governing “Precinct Jurisdiction” Will Prosecute You for such Crimes Against Our Peace-Officer to the Maximum Extent of the Law.

Sex: Male

Hair Color: Brown

Eyes Color: Brown

Weight: 105 lbs

Height: Crippled, Under 5 ft.

Date of Birth: 8-August-1954

Place of Birth: Sitka Alaska 

Father’s Name: Ernest James, Stewart

Mothers Name: Julia Ann, Stewart

Phone #: 503-668-3932



Current Address: 19164 Barrington Avenue; Sandy Oregon [97055-5351] Moved Here: 1-March-2003

Previous Address: 39275 Hood St. # D Sandy Oregon, [97055] 

Moved There: August 1988 (?)

Common-Law County: East Sandy

Municipal County: Clackamas

CL Precinct: West-Cascadia-Village

Municipal Precinct: 101

Common-Law Township: # 2


Right Thumb Print:

Certifying Precinct Officers & Offices:

Precinct Captain:___________________


Phone Number:____________________

Town Constable:___________________


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