Welcome to the web-page for
the "General Congressional Assembly" of
the Qualified-Electors who Lawfully Constitute
the "Organic Body-Politic" of these
"United States of America".







Organic Divisions





Blacks Law Dictionary





Our above map is one of Two Models which we are using to Organize
Twelve Separate "Free & Independent Super-States";
each with their own "Bottom-Up" & "Natural/Organic" Hierarichal Structure,
& Fully Accountable to Their Own Local Constituents & Town Constables.

Many "Seats of Leadership" here-in are "Available "& "Open".
Pleade join with us; & choose your own level of involvement & commitment.

We are Constituents who are Assembled for General Public Political Purposes;
& for the Improvement of General Constitutional Governmental Machinery.

Our Constituents thus Assembled Possess Powers Legislative, Executive, & Judicial;
& here-by We do Organically Compose the Body-Politic of
a Legitimate & Public "General Congress" & "Supreme Court of Law";
both of which are functioning as a "Singular Entity";
& which are Proceeding "In the Name Of, & On the Behalf Of" our Common American People.

We are a full-time & real-time "Constitutional Convention".

We claim Lawful Authority to Exercise Juris-Diction over Any Sixth-Amendment Criminal-Case
which has Not Yet been Lawfully Adjudicated by any American Precinct/District or Higher Super-State Juris-Diction;
&, by the Unanimous Agreement of the Twelve Supreme Delegates/Representatives/Jurists Assembled here-from,
to Issue All Court Process Necessary to Secure "Justice" for our Common People.

To the best of our abilities; we will Bond to-gether, to responsibly assume
the Duties of "Qualified-Electors", in both our Local Townships & Precincts;
& also in our non-localized Private/Special/Religious/Ideological/Fraternal Communities.

This all in harmonious accord with our Organic/Traditional
Anglo/American Concept of the "Rule of Law" & "Federalism";
which is based solidly on those "Fundamental Principles" of "Responsible Self-Governing"
under these Concepts of "Natural Law" & "Higher Law" which have been affirmed in
our National & State "Constitution" documents, & in the Procedural Rules of "Due Process of Law" & "Common-Law".

All of this is the Source of our traditional Anglo/American Concept of
Governmental under a System of "Higher Law", which is Significantly "Superior To"
those "Statutory Codes" which are derived from the Traditions of the "Roman Empire",
& which Our Organic Anglo/American/Israelite Traditions Recognize as the Inferior "Rule of Men".