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America’s first slave owner was a black
Actual drawing of Anthony Johnson,
the first slave owner in the colonies

*According to colonial records, the first*
*slave owner in the United States was *
*a black man.*
Prior to 1655 there were no legal slaves in the colonies, only indentured
servants. All masters were required to free their servants after their time
was up. Seven years was the limit that an indentured servant could be held.
Upon their release they were granted 50 acres of land. This included any
Negro purchased from slave traders. Negros were also granted 50 acres upon
their release.
Anthony Johnson was a Negro from modern-day Angola. He was brought to the
US to work on a tobacco farm in 1619. In 1622 he was almost killed when
Powhatan Indians attacked the farm. 52 out of 57 people on the farm
perished in the attack. He married a female black servant while working on
the farm.
When Anthony was released he was legally recognized as a “free Negro” and
ran a successful farm. In 1651 he held 250 acres and five black indentured
servants. In 1654, it was time for Anthony to release John Casor, a black
indentured servant. Instead Anthony told Casor he was extending his time.
Casor left and became employed by the free white man Robert Parker.
Anthony Johnson sued Robert Parker in the Northampton Court in 1654. In
1655, the court ruled that Anthony Johnson could hold John Casor
indefinitely. The court gave judicial sanction for blacks to own slave of
their own race. Thus Casor became the first permanent slave and Johnson the
first slave owner.
Whites still could not legally hold a black servant as an indefinite slave
until 1670. In that year, the colonial assembly passed legislation
permitting free whites, blacks, and Indians the right to own blacks as
By 1699, the number of free blacks prompted fears of a “Negro
insurrection.” Virginia Colonial ordered the repatriation of freed blacks
back to Africa. Many blacks sold themselves to white masters so they would
not have to go to Africa. This was the first effort to gently repatriate
free blacks back to Africa. The modern nations of Sierra Leone and Liberia
both originated as colonies of repatriated former black slaves.
However, black slave owners continued to thrive in the United States.
By 1830 there were 3,775 black families living in the South who owned black
slaves. By 1860 there were about 3,000 slaves owned by black households in
the city of New Orleans alone.
John Casor <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Casor>
Anthony Johnson<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_Johnson_%28colonist%29>


On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 7:09 AM, dennis helbig <helbigdennis at gmail.com>wrote:

> http://biblefocus.net/consider/horns-which-scattered-Jerusalem/index.html
> Four, count em, four horns.
> http://www.bahai.us/welcome/founders-and-history/u-s-bahai-history/
> The Baha'i Faith was first mentioned in the United States in 1893 by a
> Presbyterian missionary at the World's Parliament of Religions held during
> the Columbian Exposition in Chicago. The following year, Thornton Chase, a
> Chicago insurance manager, became the first American Baha'i. By the end of
> 1894 four other Americans had also become Baha’is. The Baha'i Faith spread
> quickly and groups formed in cities across the country. In 1909 the first
> National Convention was held and 39 delegates from 36 cities attended.
> *Well, well. Insurance? Chicago? Look below, they wasted no time
> converting.
> **9 July 1907 – *The Chicago Baha’i Assembly incorporates, becoming the
> first local Baha’i community in the world to acquire legal status. The
> American Baha’i community, then numbering about 1,000 members, begins
> building the first Baha’i House of Worship in the West on the shores of
> Lake Michigan.
> *Today – *The Baha’i community now has more than five million members
> from over 2000 ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Baha’i communities are
> established in more than 230 countries and dependent territories, with
> elected national administrative institutions in 186 countries.
> *Just like rats and more prolific than Jews. Where did they get the
> capital to pursue this. hey have 11 houses of worship valued at over 2
> billion dollars. Who did they steal it from? Don'tcha just love insurance
> and credit cards? What they teach your kids in school today? Universal
> acceptance of all religions and races? What a bunch of saps!!! *
> On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 6:41 AM, Ralph Haulk <ralph.haulk at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Constantine certainly ade many cha nges in the nature of what is now
>> known as Christianity, b, and glosses over actual circumstances we can read
>> for ourselves in books like the four gospels. For example, What is not
>> rreadily taught is that the Pharisees, the legal arm of Judaism, had been
>> declaring itself the true authority over the law, and was, in praiseworthy
>> manner, arguing that it chose the best and most logical minds to develop
>> this understanding.
>>  Jesus, however, challenged the Pharisees and their rabbiical prisethood,
>> calling the hypocrites and children of the devil(Matthew 23, Luke 11, John
>> 8).
>>  The key reason he did this may be found in Matthew 23;13, and Luke
>> 11:52, where he pointed out that they were "shutting up the kingdom of God
>> to men". IOW, since Israel viewed the Kingdom of God not only as as the
>> kingdom that would rule under the messiah, *but also as a governmen of
>> law that would reign in the "here and now", Jesus was accusing the
>> Pharisees of taking away the right of the people to judge and remain part
>> of that legal system*.
>>  *IOW, Jesus was accusing the legal authorities of his day of doing
>> exactly what Libertarians today are accusing today's legal authorities of
>> doing, developing a "priesthood" of legal experts that make the
>> Constitution of "We the People" a completely foreign document.*
>> You can see this very principle outlined in the Old testa ment, Isaiah
>> 29:11:
>> "And the *vision of all* is become unto you as the words of a book that
>> is sealed..."
>>  The warning continues throughout the chapter, telling of men who block
>> out the open meanings of the "book" so that the people can have no part of
>> it. Jesus quoted from this same chapter, "In vain do they qworship me,
>> teaching for doctrines the commandments of men".
>>  A s you see in verse 13: "and their fear toward me is taught by the
>> precepts of men". In the RSV it says precepts "learned by rote".
>>  The Pharisees, like our judges and lawyers of today, took over a law
>> that was intended for  ALL to understand and practice, a "vision of all",
>> made so complicated and disorganized that only a cabal of legal experts can
>> understand it.
>>  As we see in Isaiah 29:16, regardind oth t eOld testament law and the
>> original intent of today's constitution: "...shall the thing framed say of
>> him that framed it, he had  no understanding?"
>>  Shall Supreme Court judges interpret the law over the people? Shall
>> Pharsiee experts interpret the law so that the people themselves have no
>> chance for self rule?
>>  Shall the courts haul a man into custody and "make a man an offender for
>> a word, and lay a snare for hi that reproveth in the gates(courts), and
>> turn aside the just for a thing of nought?"(Isaiah 29:21). The RSV says
>> turn aside the just for an *empty plea*?
>>  Today, we are told that we can escape being hauled into court if we make
>> an "empty plea". If we waive our ancient rights against self incrimination,
>> we may simply sign our plea of guilt, pay a fine, and stay out of court.
>> This is how men are made "an offender for a word", stopped on the highways,
>> in direct violation of 4th amendment rights going as far as Magna
>> Carta(Delaware v Prouse), and "made an offender for a word" of a police or
>> patrolman, hauled into court and entrapped by the workings of the court
>> system.
>>  "For among my people are wicked men: they lay in wait as he that setteth
>> snares; they set a trap, they catch men."(Jeremiah 5:26)
>>  And after the trap is set, and men are "made an offender for a word",
>> they are hauled into court *where "the priests(judges) bear rule by
>> their means(their own authority) and my people love to have it so*".
>>  In verse 29 we see: "shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as
>> this?"
>>  Christians today are given a "bait and switch" from the teachings of
>> Jesus and his protest against the powers of his day. Jesus was tried and
>> convicted, without witnesses(Deuteronomy 19:15) and in violation of his
>> rioght against self incrimination(Isaiah 54;17) and his right to face his
>> accusers(Isaiah 50:8).
>>  It was Jesus who gave us the original concept of "due process" in
>> Matthew 5:18. IOW, if you ARE hauled before the judges, not one jot or
>> tittle of the law can be ignored until "heaven and earth pass away". Every
>> law, every jot, every tittle, can stand in your defense, including the
>> ancient rights mentioned above.  *"Due process" by Jesus' definition,
>> means you are protected by every law that pertains to your case*.
>>  And when you seek your "prayer for judgement", you can say "thy kingdom
>> come, thy will be done on earth...forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive
>> those who trespass against us".
>>  This is the exact opposite of today's courts, which hold a Bile in front
>> of you and ask you to swear on it, *which then gives them permission to
>> find you guilty!*
>> **
>> * Paul taught that all christians are "dead to the law". There is no
>> possible punishment by law for a dead man. You are free before men, and the
>> legal systems are bound by "every jot and tittle" to find you guilty. The
>> courts of law, as understood anciently, are limited to what to what they
>> law says. They may ONLY do what the law explicitly allows, while citizens
>> are free to do anything except what the law forbids(Entick vs Carringtion).
>> *
>> **
>> * The rights listed under law forbids  entrapment, forbids presumption
>> of guilt, forbids the accused from being a witness against himself.*
>> **
>> * The death of Jesus, as the son of God, wrote Paul, was to set  ALL
>> people free of punishment inflicted by law for "victimless crimes". The
>> law, of itself, cannot punish, because ours is an accusatorial, not an
>> **
>> * Constantine understandably turned this practice of freedom from law
>> into an enslavement of law, under the  nationalist  idea of a new
>> "christianity".*
>> Ralph
>> On Sun, Aug 19, 2012 at 9:35 PM, Randist Bo7b aka Bob Wynman WWP Email
>> Member <bobalou at wynman.com> wrote:
>>> **
>>> Randist Bo7b aka Bob Wynman WWP Email Member <bobalou at wynman.com> Well,
>>> Bill you asked for it & I really suspect that you don't want it, but I'm
>>> not in a position to know what you want, so here's my opinion on your
>>> contribution below.
>>> I appreciate your honesty in admitting your non-rational, mystical BS
>>> (Belief System). It always helps to understand those with whom we attempt
>>> to communicate.
>>> I, too, was raised in Sunday school (Methodist & Presbyterian), 'tho my
>>> parents never attended church that I noticed & I certainly quit doing so
>>> when they lost interest in that sort of Sunday baby-sitting ritual. I don't
>>> think I ever really believed the stuff I was taught there, so it wasn't
>>> difficult to get over it. I didn't read the Bible, other than Sunday School
>>> stuff, 'til I was 20 or so & had some ability to rationally evaluate the
>>> info it provides.
>>> My challenge was getting over libertarianism, which took from '66 'til
>>> around 2008.
>>> Reason, not faith, is man's tool of survival and for discovering and
>>> verifying truth, as you mention, thru the Scientific Method.
>>> Mysticism is reliance on emotion rather than reason and is not a tool
>>> for discovering truth, 'tho it is an amazingly rapid and often accurate
>>> tool for instantly acting on the total content of data we've collected over
>>> a lifetime.
>>> Toja ya wouldn't like my opinion, Bill.
>>> I do respect your support of freedom, 'tho I'm pretty sure it cannot be
>>> validly supported on a foundation of mysticism, as the "conservatives" have
>>> been trying to do for several decades.
>>> --bob
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>>> From: Bill Pitsker
>>> To: WHATNOWDEBATE at yahoogroups.com
>>> Sent: Sunday, August 19, 2012 1:58 PM
>>> Subject: Re: [WHATNOWDEBATE] Re: Paul on Bible vs. Volitional Science
>>> Please forgive my entry into this conversation, but I offer a
>>> perspective, somewhat different. My father was a Christian Fellowship
>>> leader, and very spiritual person. I guess I’ve fallen from that block. He
>>> was brought up in the Methodist faith, but morphed into a more rational,
>>> less dogmatic sort. I was raised that way.
>>> All of that said, IT doesn’t have to be held in the hand, seen, smelled,
>>> and touched, to be believed true. I was also raised on the good old tried
>>> and true “scientific method.” It is a wonderful tool with which to fathom
>>> the complexities of our dimensional reality. But, there is a
>>> “super-reality” surrounding us. One without dimension. An “eternal” one
>>> (for lack of a better descriptive word). I’ve been led to believe, from my
>>> own experiences, and readings, that it is that reality which is truly real,
>>> and the one we are trapped in, being a sort of testing ground, or
>>> classroom, for souls in training (dimensions being a requirement for the
>>> unfolding of the “lesson).” Our Creator (God, if you want), does “love” us
>>> all – even Pol Pot, Hitler, and the rest – and they get their setbacks as
>>> they deserve, from flunking the current lesson. Our eastern spiritual
>>> cultures calls that Karma. I’ll accept that. We who do well, advance, while
>>> those who don’t, stay back, or are put in a penalty-box for a lifetime. It
>>> explains a lot of the anomalies complained about by agnostics and atheists
>>> about our “loving God,” and all the suffering and death. Early
>>> Christianity, as well as certain sects of Judaism, believed in repeated
>>> rebirth, or reincarnation. The purging, that the “Good Book” got with
>>> Constantine, pretty much removed all reference to it. It was a political
>>> decision, a way to make the flock more manageable. Heaven and Hell – the
>>> carrot/stick of the religious patriarchs - were to keep an ignorant flock
>>> paying and coming through the church doors. If they were aware of the
>>> reincarnation thingy, how could they be kept in thrall?
>>> Opinions? Response? Exhortations? Condemnations? (No witch-burning
>>> allowed).
>>> I do still believe we must be actively pursuing a “better world” for our
>>> fellow man, here and now - that we were put here to solve these problems.
>>> So, go for it, with a grim smile, and a determined heart, loving as much as
>>> possible (the Beatles were on the right track, there).
>>> Want to hear a miracle?
>>> Summer of 1995, I had just had a heavy emotional setback ( I ran over my
>>> beloved cat – oh how it still hurts). About three months later, I had a
>>> vivid dream, whereby my 19-years-dead father spoke to be so clearly, I woke
>>> up. His words? “Bill, you need a physical.”
>>> So, My wife and I set one up. The doctor said I was in excellent health
>>> for a 61 year old. “When was the last time someone looked in your colon?”
>>> “Never,” was my response. An appointment was set up, the colonoscopy, done,
>>> and they found a cancer, the size of a small apricot (same color, too).
>>> Four days later they took out a portion of my descending colon, and the
>>> biopsy revealed that it would have penetrated the outer wall within days.
>>> (No radiation, no chemotherapy, and I’ve been “clean” for 17 years, WOW).
>>> My dead father saved my life – in a dream. That’s a miracle. I could
>>> bore you with a half dozen more, less spectacular miraculous events in my
>>> life, but that’s for the next pitcher of beer. I’m buying. Where do we
>>> meet? (After January 17th, for those who understand my personal problems).
>>> From: Doug Tozier
>>> Sent: Sunday, August 19, 2012 12:23 PM
>>> To: whatnowdebate at yahoogroups.com ; generalcongress at constitutionalgov.us
>>> Subject: RE: [WHATNOWDEBATE] Re: Paul on Bible vs. Volitional Science
>>> Methinks that they prefer blind faith over critical thinking- which
>>> seems to be disliked by people of faith because when made to think
>>> critically, they have to defend that for which there is no defense,
>>> evidence, or reason to believe. Critical thinkers, OTH, aren't all negative
>>> regarding faith, so long as faith does not become offensive in the public
>>> square. IOW, we don't throw out the baby with the bathwater, but rather
>>> demand a separation of fact and fiction: where faith (and by extension
>>> revelation) reflect reality, we accept and respect those principles as
>>> simple examples of practical, verifiable data- useful for life! We are also
>>> dubious concerning mythical stories and miracles (and respond with
>>> appropriate levels of resistance)- though some of us believe that these
>>> things are not totally outside the realm of possibility. None of us should
>>> fear public discourse, especially when there are some who seem to believe
>>> that, despite thousands of years of contrary evidence, somehow faith can
>>> have success in the arena of public life and that someone ought to use
>>> religion to legislate morality. Why not try something new that has never
>>> been given a chance on so great a stage and scale as this great nation?
>>> Peace
>>> Doug
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>>> From: bobalou at wynman.com
>>> Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2012 20:37:41 -0700
>>> Subject: [WHATNOWDEBATE] Re: Paul on Bible vs. Volitional Science
>>> You are absolutely correct, Vincent. Jay's book "Taming the Violence of
>>> Faith" is a wonderful contribution to human thought and philosophy. He
>>> clarifies the win-win paradigm perfectly & I recommend that all
>>> rationally-thinking, intellectually-curious read that book.
>>> While there are probably V-201 grads who still "believe in the Bible",
>>> I'm not convinced that they understand the full implications of using the
>>> Scientific Method to discover & verify the truth of ideas. Trying to
>>> believe in reason while relying on faith & mysticism is high level
>>> cognitive dissonance and a pretty stressful plan. I'd guess they'd be a lot
>>> healthier if they gave up VS or mysticism.
>>> Or not?
>>> :-)
>>> Thank you for your good work, Vincent.
>>> __._,_.___
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