GCongress> HOROWITZ/KANE HOTEL SEX AUDIO TAPE//Re: CIA Officials Assassinating Whistleblowers. <Fwd>

Tim White phantom421366 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 17 14:11:51 CDT 2010

well then you VICIOUS LYING PHONEY - True Ott or Don Nicoloff would most likely BE VERY HAPPY at this point to resend those out so that EVERYONE CAN LISTEN - WORLD WIDE .....

--- On Tue, 8/17/10, Sherri Kane <sherrikane at gmail.com> wrote:

From: Sherri Kane <sherrikane at gmail.com>
Subject: Re: HOROWITZ/KANE HOTEL SEX AUDIO TAPE//Re: CIA Officials Assassinating Whistleblowers. <Fwd>
To: "Tim White" <phantom421366 at yahoo.com>
Cc: len15 at mac.com, charles at constitutionalgov.us, conspiracywatch at constitutionalgov.us, generalcongress at constitutionalgov.us, tetra at tetrahedron.org, RAMillegan at aol.com, flyby at mtdata.com, tedgunderson at yahoo.com, "Michelle Ray" <mountainfreedom at q.com>, "Xena Carpenter" <xenacarpenter at yahoo.com>, donnicoloff at mac.com, mariemartine1966 at yahoo.com, "Todd Brendan Fahey" <friendofliberty at yahoo.com>
Received: Tuesday, August 17, 2010, 1:05 PM

These attachments are corrupted. Why are you sending them through a Yahoo account? LOL!!!
On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 11:44 AM, Tim White <phantom421366 at yahoo.com> wrote:

            NOW IS THE TIME TO SEND THIS OUT....this was NOT CREATED by ANYONE ELSE but these 2 OBVIOUS SATANISTS themselves - 2 PHONY "Christians" or whatever these NEW AGEY FRAUDS call themselves - KNIGHT of MALTA LENNY HORRORwitz and his VICIOUS LYING FLUFFER WHORE "Sherri Kane" aka CHERIE CAINE(the infamous CAIN of EDEN)....

 OTT" <atrueott at msn.com>
        	"Tim White" 
<phantom421366 at yahoo.com>
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        01 Divine 

TIM ---

PLEASE use this recording with honor and discretion - 
keep in mind the person who recorded it wants to not be implicated 

Horrorwitch and Kane's program the "Insight Hour" 
preceded Don Nicoloff's "Evident Footprints" show - and they failed to 
disconnect the phone line to BBS Radio.  

In this tape you 
clearly hear Kane talking to Horowitz about "not placing tape on her 
face" (where do you suppose he was placing the tape?) and of "wearing 
makeup to bed",  Notice also the plethora of "F-bombs" falling 

I wonder if the long-suffering Mrs. Horowitz and 
Lenny's children might need to hear this hotel room banter at some 

Again, please use this with the utmost discretion, Tim.  
As Don labeled it, it could indeed be "Divine Providence" to expose 
these snakes for what they are.


Don Nicoloff writes:

 Len Horowitz/Sheri Kane (Temkin-Kanzelberg)Hotel room
 banter after his 5-25-2010 "Insight Hour" broadcast on
 BBS Radio. They had conducted theirshow using the 
hotel's telephone and failed to disconnect their call 
from the BBS Radio phonebridge. A listener on the 
phone bridge routinelyrecords the show. Instead, he 
overheard this stunning 
conversation between 
Horowitz and Kane.


--- On Tue, 8/17/10, Sherri Kane <sherrikane at gmail.com> wrote:

From: Sherri Kane <sherrikane at gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Conspiracy-Researchers Divided in Hostile-Factions over "World Health Organization" & CIA Officials Assassinating Whistleblowers. <Fwd>

To: "True OTT" <atrueott at msn.com>
Cc: charles at constitutionalgov.us, conspiracywatch at constitutionalgov.us, generalcongress at constitutionalgov.us, tetra at tetrahedron.org, phantom421366 at yahoo.com, RAMillegan at aol.com, flyby at mtdata.com, tedgunderson at yahoo.com, len15 at mac.com, "Michelle Ray" <mountainfreedom at q.com>

Received: Tuesday, August 17, 2010, 12:07 PM

True Ott,
You are the one that connected us initially to White, Phelps, Oxley and Nicoloff.  (see attached
I simply asked you for a quote, for my article, and you responded by cc'ing White and Phelps.  I responded to you, asking why you felt the need to bring them into your email to me, and you still have not responded.

I have all of those emails attached to my blog. The history is clear and evidenced.
We have evidence of who you are and who you work for. 
Your libelous, racist emails are documented on my site, and will continue to be. 

You do not make your living by the products you promote, you make your living by doing exactly this--the helter skelter mix-it-all-up provocateur agency you administer.  How does it feel getting paid to lie?

Funny you call everyone else a Zionist but you are paid by them, and maybe you are too dumb to know it.
You have forced yourself to be investigated.
Initially your emails were un-confrontational except for the fact that you cc'd White, Phelps, Szymanski, and Nicoloff on your replies to me. This proves you are all part of the same communication (Intelligence) alliance. 

You did not start sending me confrontational racist emails until after your buddy Tim White phoned me on my cellphone, AFTER our Insight hour show on BBSradio at 10:15pm pst, and threatened me, calling me a whore, and provoked me to tell him he was the whore, since he likes to cross dress and get sodomized with dildos. White hung up, obviously embarrassed since you were listening in. 

Anyone with half a brain can see by the attached emails how you, Ott, changed your tone with me, in your emails, the very next morning AFTER Tim White phoned me. What provoked Tim White to phone me AFTER the show, was the fact that we exposed you and your cronies!

Anyone with half a brain can also see that Tim White is your "barking dog," because even if you scroll down in this email, your barking dog starts barking right after your email to me.

Since White could not intimidate us by phone, you had to step in, since you are considered the next step up in intelligence (barely). This is more work for you, but you are paid to do it, so you had to do your job!

So the next morning after White's call, you emailed me that first confrontational email. 
In your post scribe, you threatened me with the same stupid "pillow talk" info that White threatened us with, which is really stupid, because who cares about Dr. Horowitz or my sex life, really. He is divorced, we are not politicians, and no one gives a damn about the lame lies you and White make up in your "pillow talk" given you hang with a psychopathic sodomist. White sheds his light on who you are and exposes your darkness.

Please know this..Everyone that you CC on your email list will be investigated because of you, and when you and White become liabilities to your bosses, then you will lose your jobs for being so stupid. I am certain there is a long list of other criminals like you, that would like your job! 

You are the expert in Satanism, because you are a Satanist, which is why you write so often about it. We are the last people you and your cronies will ever threaten, because we work for the creator of love and light, and he loves and protects us, so whatever evil you and your cronies wish to happen to us, or whatever evil happens us, will happen to you and your cronies tenfold!

On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 12:45 PM, Tim White <phantom421366 at yahoo.com> Barks: 

PHARMAWHORES ? ?...this SLIMY LYING PHARMORE-THE-REAL-WHORE Sherri Kane aka CHERIE CAINE calls herself an "investigative journalist" () but she's on the FAST TRACK to EXPOSE HERSELF as being ANYTHING BUT any kind of "journalist" let alone an "investigative" one and certainly NOT HONEST in ANY CONTEXT...now can ANY ONE please tell me what DATE this is from this MORON ?...consider this...the "show" these 2 IDIOTS did was on August 10,2010 and my call was BEFORE the "show" ...from PHARMORE-THE-REAL-WHORE'S "blog"

Dr. True Ott (aka True Not) Agent Provocateur

Thursday, August 12, 2010

On March , 2010 at 10:15 pm, after Dr. Horowitz and I got done with our BBS radio show, where we discussed this conspiracy, I received a phone call from True Ott’s associate and “barking dog”, Tim White. 

On the phone call, White referred to me as “Lenny’s Whore” and told me he was going to expose Dr. Horowitz and I, as lovers, in a sexual transcript, he was creating. I laughed loudly into the...Read more...  <<===CAUTION HERE - my computer LOCKED UP when I hit "read more"

now the FACT is I was NOT threatening this LIAR in any way EXCEPT to EXPOSE her and her HANDLER HORRORwitz as LIARS and I was the ONLY ONE besides HER in this conversation - NO ONE ELSE and NOT "many others were on this call" like this LIAR pulls out of her ASS - and I DID NOT HANG UP...I ALWAYS use a calling card and my CALLING CARD had just 3 MINUTES LEFT on it and when those minutes were up my phone CUT OFF the call....DUH !

Tim White  ruf ruff

--- On Mon, 8/16/10, True OTT <atrueott at msn.com> wrote:

From: True OTT <atrueott at msn.com>
Subject: RE: Conspiracy-Researchers Divided in Hostile-Factions over "World Health Organization" & CIA Officials Assassinating Whistleblowers. <Fwd>

To: "Sherri Kane" <sherrikane at gmail.com>, charles at constitutionalgov.us

Cc: conspiracywatch at constitutionalgov.usgeneralcongress at constitutionalgov.ustetra at tetrahedron.org, "Tim White" <phantom421366 at yahoo.com>, ramillegan at aol.comflyby at mtdata.comtedgunderson at yahoo.com, "Leonard Horowitz" <len15 at mac.com>

Received: Monday, August 16, 2010, 1:10 PM

For the record "Charles" and everyone else on this "list":

Ms. Kane started every bit of this "attack" -- and now when people that she and Horowitz openly slander on their radio show respond strongly to her libelous allegations (Don Nicoloff et. al. involved in murders) she wants now to appear innocent and "pacifist" - i.e. that she alone is the victim???

Mr. Tim White has NO connection to me and my business.  What he alleges and writes to Kane is his business, and his alone. I have no idea why Kane continually feels the need to insinuate that White is my "barking dog", let alone my colleague.   Just because he sends me e-mails, means nothing.  I have never met the man.  

Keep stirring the pot, Ms. Kane --  What you appear to be forgetting are these self-evident facts:

1. "Sir" Horowitz accepted a "Title of Nobility" - a knighthood with a sub-division of the Club of Rome's Knights of Malta -- the "Hospitalers".  You yourself admit this, Ms. Kane - although there are at least a dozen people who have heard Horowitz publicly deny any such affiliations (i.e. he LIED). 

2.  When his motives for doing this, and thus his true loyalties are openly questioned, and his name is found on a "Knights of Malta list" -- then everybody who dares question the man (and his female consort) is labeled a "Jew-Hater" and a "white-supremacist"???

3.  The Horowitz family name is connected to some very questionable groups, such as the infamous Detroit "Purple Gang" that is alleged to have been involved in the silencing of any politician (such as Lindberg) who vocally opposed the Federal Reserve and the IRS during the 20's and 30's. 

So sorry if investigating and then QUESTIONING is so very wrong!!  

True Ott


Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2010 22:14:37 -0700
Subject: Re: Conspiracy-Researchers Divided in Hostile-Factions over "World Health Organization" & CIA Officials Assassinating Whistleblowers. <Fwd>

From: sherrikane at gmail.com
To: charles at constitutionalgov.us

CC: conspiracywatch at constitutionalgov.usgeneralcongress at constitutionalgov.ustetra at tetrahedron.orgphantom421366 at yahoo.comRAMillegan at aol.comflyby at mtdata.comatrueott at msn.comtedgunderson at yahoo.comlen15 at mac.com


Please read the harassing emails I have received from Ott and White. (click the first link)Anyone that can read can see the truth.  I have also attached prior emails from Ott and White to my blog and on the latest threats. I am a truth seeker and pacifist, and so is Dr. Horowitz, so we have no interest in getting anything but the facts out there.

Best Regards,Sherri




Check out this Wiki link <http://wikicompany.org/wiki/911:Masonic_media>. 

As you read the it, you will notice Eric Jon Phelps (do a (control F-- search

for how many times his name is mentioned throughout it) appears to have
written the entire thing.  His name sticks out like a sore thumb, patting
both him and his criminal associate, Greg Szymankski on the back while,

everyone else on it is getting a bad wrap.

On Sun, Aug 15, 2010 at 8:39 PM, Charles Stewart <charles at constitutionalgov.us> wrote:

Charles Stewart's Comments are Inserted in the below article, in Purple;

& my response to Ms Kane's accusations are included. 
Ms Kane's original & un-commented article is here:

CBS ...

------- Original Message --------Subject:[cia-drugs] Fwd: World Health Officials Cited for Pandemic Fraud +

Date:Sun, 15 Aug 2010 07:56:30 -0700From:Robert Millegan <RAMillegan at aol.com>

Reply-To:cia-drugs at yahoogroups.com

To:Cia-drugs Cia-drugs <Cia-drugs at yahoogroups.com>, ctrl at yahoogroups.com

References:<4c67fa80.6482e50a.06da.ffffb230 at mx.google.com>

From: Jonathan Mark <flyby at mtdata.com>

Date: August 15, 2010 8:36:52 AM PDT
To: Flyby News <flyby at flybynews.com>

Subject: World Health Officials Cited for Pandemic Fraud +

Flyby News www.FlybyNews.com 
Editor - Jonathan Mark
August 13, 2010 - 

Editor's Notes: I am sending to lists I have that I have not been using for a while. [If you are interested in getting more updates from Flyby News, subscribe (free) at bottom of FlybyNews.com or reply by email.] With a sense of urgency, Dr. Leonard Horowitz requested our actions to shine light on this issue. Please investigate, forward, and consider joining Healthy World Affiliates to support efforts to produce awareness, health, and love in our world.

12 August 2010 - Tetrahedron - 12160.org
WHO Cited for Pandemic Fraud;

Journalists Murdered, and Defamed 
By Drug Industry Conspiracy 

Tetrahedron, LLC
Health Science Communication for People Around the World

Release: PharmaWHO-1

Date Mailed: Aug 12, 2010
For Immediate Release
Contact: Sherri Kane--310-877-3002 ; tetra at tetrahedron.org 



London-- Drug industry officials are being indicted for conspiring against people worldwide in the fraudulent WHO promoted swine flu campain of 2009. But the conspiracy, in which a third of the officials on the emergency committee are now criminally implicated for conflicting financial interests and promoting the false fright to sell and deploy billions of dollars in risky vaccinations, extends worldwide. In US, one journalist has been murdered and two others' lives are threatened.

   The first journalists to bring the "PharmaWHO" fraud to light, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, and Jane Burgermeister, are both in serious jeopardy from BigPhama reprisals. Horowitz has been falsely framed in the recent murder of Britain's leading financial whistleblower, Edward Harle; while Burgermeister is fighting against attacks by Austrian government officials instigated by BigPharma operatives.

"The companies and officials now indicted for the swine flu vaccination fraud, are the ones Jane and I fingered from the beginning of BigPharma's corrupt campaign," Dr. Horowitz, the Editor-in-Chief of Medical Veritas journal, said."Pharma-bosses' hit squads are now assassinating journalist/whistleblowers, and have agent provocateurs attacking Burgermeister and me hideously on the Internet and in person."

   Recently murdered journalists include Don Harkins, editor of the Idaho Observer, America's leading voice of BigPharma resistance, whose wife, Ingri Cassel Harkins, is the national director of Vaccination Liberation Organization.Harkins and Cassel were at the forefront of protecting people against drug industry propaganda and risky vaccinations when Harkins received a fatal radiation exposure from one or more suspects currently under investigation for his murder. Horowitz dedicated his film, PHARMAWHORES, as a Harkin's memorial.

Investigative journalist, Sherri Kane, who wrote for Fox News in Los Angeles, is also being vigorously libeled and physically threatened after reporting on Dr. Horowitz's framers in another recent murder of Edward Harle, a British financial analyst. Kane received threats from two persons identified in a global network of disinformants -- Timothy Patrick White, and a man named "True Ott," that she posts ongoing threats from on her blog.

CBS Comment: Tim White is a hothead; but he is also one of the most advanced conspiracy-researchers & confronters of evil on the planet. Time White sometimes does attack people who do not deserve it, but most of the time he is "Right On the Money". I have not seen the evidence in this controversy between Ms Kane & Mr White, but i know Mr White very well, & i do not know Ms Kane at all, & i am inclined to believe that Ms Kane is in error in her accusation against Mr White here. 

 White similarly harassed ex-CIA agent, Barbara Hartwell, who reported, "White made a deal with criminal government operatives and law enforcement personnel, for a get-out-of-jail-free card in 2002. . . . [He] seeks out any and every high profile whistleblower, patriot or investigator he hears about, reads about, or otherwise learns about." 

CBS Comment: Ms Hartwell is a devil-worshiping forked-tongued lair. I have had many interactions with Ms Hartwell over the years, & she has consistently been on the side of disinformation, subversion, & evil.  Giving credit where it is due, much of her general account about the evils of the present government are true, but remember that the most skilled disinformation artists know well how to fold fatal lies in between numerous truths, & this is Ms Hartwell's modus-operandi, & anyone who says different is a liar. Conflicts between Mr White & Ms Hartwell have been on-going for decades, & each have their own camps of supporters, & I am in Mr White's camp of supporters. If Ms Kane is really pure of heart in her composition of this article, then she has made a fatal-error in supporting the position of Ms Hartwell in her article here.

Since his release from prison, White has been involved in covert operations ranging from severe harassment, and false murder charges, to discrediting whistle-blowers.CBS Comment: Produce the Evidence for your un-supported accusations against Mr White, Ms Kane.  I think it is likely that you are lying here. 

Harkins and Harle were journalist/whistleblowers, as is Horowitz. Harle reported death threats from the CIA days before his murder. Horowitz is "very clear" he is being set up to be murdered by this same team.

 White was made a suspect by True Ott in e-mails referencing Greg Szymanski as the source of Horowitz's libel. Ott and Szymanski co-promote their "Bible Believer" theology on radio, and extensively in writings. Their subjects feature satanism in politics and the church, and they herald Eric John Phelps's idea that Jews, Roman Catholics, and Jesuits are behind most problems in the world. Their international group of Bible Believers say they are persecuted as heretics, since,
 in Phelps's words, "all Protestants and all Jews-puts all of us under more than 100 curses . . ." 

CBS Comment: I have had much respect for Mr Horowitz, & Ms Burgermeister, but i have been out of deep conspiracy research for a while, & i was unaware that they were in the camp of Ms Hartwell. In particular, the research of Eric John Phelps on the evils of the Leadership of the Roman Catholic Church, past & present, is "Impeccable".  And i know personally that both White & Phelps are Defender of so-called "Jews" (a point on which i have minor disagreement with them), & here-under the accusation by Ms Kane that these men are out-sp0oken critics of "Jews", is a statement which i personally know to be a bold-faced Lie. 

Here-under; Mr Horowitz' baseless-accusations against Mr Phelps forces me into no course of honor other than to Question Mr Horowitz's Integrity & Patriotism. I know many hold Mr Horowitz to be a true hero on the health freedom movement, & i do not question the truth behind much of his good work. But again, the modus -operandi of the forces of evil are to place pivotally-important lies in between multitudes of less-important truths, & this appears to be what his happening with Mr Horowitz. Two links following; first is article by Szymanski against Horowitz, & second is Horowitz response against Szymanski, Phelps, White, & others. Readers do your own research, dont let the slick propaganda from the well-financed schills from the Roman Church substitute for your God-given reasoning process. 


 This highly-trained gang of professional agent provocateurs are now implicated in Harle's and Harkins's murders by way of the CIA's link to White. Hartwell published a lengthy report on White, whose history matches perfectly with the persecution Dr. Horowitz is getting by these agents. 

CBS Comment: Un-biased reviews of the available Evidence indicates that Ms Hartwell is much more closely linked to the CIA than is Mr White.  Greg Szymanski & True Ott are both profoundly-advanced conspiracy-researchers, as is Eric John Phelps. These are the "two camps" of conspiracy researchers & whistleblowers which i mentioned above; & one of these camps is definitely controlled by the forces of the darkest evil. Readers, & Ms Kane, choose your positions carefully; an apoicalyptic end-game battle is looming, & there will be no chance to take your words back & change the camp to which you have declared your loyalties. 

 Szymanski and Ott generated the discrediting libel against Horowitz, claimed he was a "Knights of Malta" member, with Szymanski generating a false list of knights. Their extensive network of radical Bible Believers, based in Vancouver, BC, widely distributed their list and disinformation, setting Horowitz up to be assassinated by a religious fanatic. 

CBS Commentary: Tim White was forced to flee to Vancouver BC from Colorado a few years back because of threats against his life. All of Ms Kane's whining for persecuted patriots is slanted here in the directly on of the Hartwell camp, & it gives no recognition for the similar persecutions suffered in the White/Phelps camp. That is "Biased Reporting", Ms Kane, aka "Propaganda", Ms Kane. 

The forged "Knights of Malta" list was used by journalist Benjamin Fulford, a Canadian working in Japan, linked to the "'Black Dragon Society,' which, folks, in case you didn't know, are JAPANESE ASSASSINS," Harle protested after receiving his death threat from Fulford.

Fulford, previously with Forbes magazine, is widely known on the Internet for being personal friends with David Rockefeller. It is common knowledge that David Rockefeller exercises extensive influence over the WHO and pharmaceutical industry--BigPharma--now proven to have defrauded the public to sell billions of dollars in risky, possibly deadly, H1N1 vaccines.


NOTE TO JOURNALISTS: Sherri Kane and Dr. Leonard Horowitz are pleading to members of the press, and general public, to distribute and investigate this story, as their lives are being threatened. Ms. Kane's blog ( http://www.sherrikane.com/SherriKane.com/Blog.html) contains a lengthy detailed report. Dr. Horowitz has published his affidavit on this matter, available HERE ( http://web.mac.com/len15/Newsletter_&_Blog/Knighting_Controvers... ). Following receipt of this article's
 draft, Ms. Burgermeiseter wrote, "Dr. Horowitz and Sherri Kane have played a key role in informing people about the swine flu scam. They are being subjected to unprecedented harassment along with other swine flu whistleblowers like myself." 

217 Cedar St., Suite #326, Sandpoint, ID 83864; 
Tel 208-265-8065; (E-mail) tetra at tetrahedron.org http://www.tetrahedron.org

"Knighting Controversy" or Murder One? 

Journalists Exposed for Negligence, Fraud, and Libel 
in the Murder of Edward Harle (a.k.a., Christopher Story)

09 August 2010 - SherriKane.com - Blog

Seduce, Discredit, Separate, Intimidate, 
Incarcerate, and Assassinate:
A Look Into Edward Harle's Murder, 

Benjamin Fulford's Fraud, and 
Why the Truth Never Reaches The Masses
13 July 2010 - YouTube - GCTV
Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane

Interviewed by Jonathan Mark on July 1, 2010
Above link is to youtube part 1 of 6
For complete interview in high resolution
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Sherri Kane
Freelance Investigative Journalist
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