We the People's National/Federal
Supreme-Court of Law,
& Circuit-Courts.

Welcome to the web-page of the:
"Organic Government"
of the Qualified-Electors of the
"United States of America".

Organization of States; & the lower levels of our USA Constitutional Hierarchy.

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Organic Divisions


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Each & Every One of we, the Constituents certified here-in,
do here-by under-take our Oaths, that, to the best of our abilities;
we will Bond to-gether, to responsibly assume the Duties of
"Qualified-Electors" in both our Local Precincts & Townships,
& also in our non-localized Private/Special/Religious/Ideological/Fraternal Communities;
& this all in accord with the our Organic/Traditional Anglo/American System of "Federalism",
which is based solidly on those "Fundamental Principles" of "Responsible Self-Governing"
under those concepts of "Natural Law" & "Higher Law" which have been affirmed in
our National & State "Constitution" documents.



The "Rule of Law" is a reference to "Common-Law",
all of which is based on this "Higher Law",
& all of which is Significantly Different from the "Rule of Men"